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    Whitelist Server Casual DW20 server looking for players

    I have reached the maximum amount of players i believe my server can handle without being bogged down. if you received a message, welcome to the server. if you did not, I am sorry that I could not include you. my server has only so many resources. if everything looks stable in a couple of...
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    Whitelist Server Casual DW20 server looking for players

    fantastic. thankyou all for your replies. and i left out required information on purpose. its not going to be that kind of server. and if your not smart enough to leave your IGN... ;) i have to tweak a few things and make some local backups before i open it up to you guys, but sometime...
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    Whitelist Server Casual DW20 server looking for players

    an unnamed, non glorified white-list server with nothing but the mod pack in place is looking for mature players. by mature, I mean this: *your not constantly cursing. a little is fine, but when its every word you type, its annoying. *your not constantly bothering other players because you...
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    To the Feed-The-Beast team

    thank-you for everything that you do for this community. thanks for your refreshing outlook on life. thank-you for spending a large amount of your time making the minecraft realm a better place for everyone. your actions speak to a standard that is rarely flown, and i solute the FTB team for...
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    1.0.0: death bug

    Version: 1.0.0 What is the bug: when i die, i cannot click the respawn or title screen buttons. this issue is intermittent. i AM using fastcraft latest version, but i didnt die before i installed it, so i have no idea. Mod & Version: log: Can it be repeated...
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    1.0.0: world gen snafu

    Version: 1.0.0 What is the bug: found a 2x2 brick of creative energy cells from AE2 in the open next to some brick stairs and dispensers. looks like an old style item ID conflict, but not sure. the biome is forest. not sure what i'm looking at here. Mod & Version...
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    1.0.0: Press 'E' to open your inventory not going away

    i second this bug. not a deal breaker, but annoying. thanks to all the hard work by the team working on this modpack, and putting it together. it is appreciated.