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    How many people? and is the internet speed you list upload or download?

    How many people? and is the internet speed you list upload or download?
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    Problem I think I got hacked...

    I could have been caused by your router resetting overnight, and when the connection came back up the servers didnt rebind to there ports. I have seen resets caused by power fluctuations software glitch automatic firmware upgrade (model dependent, usually if the router was supplied by your isp)
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    Yet another plead for help... YogCraft Server Lag Issues, Optimization Requested

    First things first remove your hardware UUID from this post Second, you will NEED atleast 2G of ram for JUST the server, with ANOTHER 2 gig for the client program, + 1 Gig for your OS and other programs you can probably run a vinilla server + client with no problem, but mods <redated> your...
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    Hosting private server

    I havent needed to try it, my server is a beast
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    Hosting private server

    you can quickly test if the server is bottlenecked by the filesystem by running in the server window /save-off, make-sure you run the corresponding /save-all and /save-on when your done testing there is a mod that runs the server on several cores, but its in beta (backups are your friend)...
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    Problem New build, lag spikes, connection issues.

    make sure you have the x64 version of java installed
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    Help me understand a more advanced startup file, please

    1. Real life has unfortitinly gotten in the way and I have not finished the post yet 2> Minecraft is still single threaded, so it can never use more then 15% of that cpu. there is a mod that adds multitheading. ( Its in Beta standard disclaimer applies ) Some Many of the options in that line...
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    Problem Server Can't Keep Up. 32-bit System.

    I dont know if this will help enough open your startserver.bat file and add to the end of the first line "-server"
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    EU power options?

    On my server the base is powered by a steam boiler, we recently added a hi pressor liquid fuleled boiler for more power. if you set up 2 peat farms it provides sightly more fuel then is used by low pressor max sized one. after automating the farm it becomes maintenance free power at 50Eu/t with...
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    Forum Game - The Ban Game

    Lawbroken is banned for censorship and <redacted>
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    Forum Game - The Ban Game

    Jatie1 is banned for not changing his profile photo from default
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    Hosting with more ram = people can't join

    Logs and server terminal output would be helpfull
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    Not able to craft things

    What pack are you using? Any pack with gregtech installed will have the normal recipe for may item blocks disabled so you have to use a compressor
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    Problem "Internal Server Error"

    the xycraft bugtracker is here
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    Problem "Internal Server Error"

    you could remove it, or manually update to the latest version updating will involve updating all codechicken mods as well you might get luck if you start a new world but I would recommend reporting this to soaryn
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    Problem "Internal Server Error"

    this looks like a worldgen bug in xycraft also it looks like you ip and your servers ip are littered through that file, I recommend you censor them
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    Problem Anyone know this crash/error?

    If you did a server upgrade you will need to remove all the old mods
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    Help me understand a more advanced startup file, please

    Im working on post that explanes what it does Im trying to wright it in such a way that an intermediate user could understand (intermediate as would be defined by an engineer) I expect it to go up in the server admin section sometime next week Tentative name "Server Java flag configuration...
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    Problem Anyone know this crash/error?

    FML is reporting that mods are missing you may want to try reinstalling them
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    Problem Server lags for a friend

    when your friend starts lagging have him hit f3 and look at what the memory usage of his client is if its more then 50% he will want to use the advanced panel in the launcher to allocate more ram