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  1. J

    Feed the Beast MD 1.4.6 Mindcrack v6 FTP Server

    It says im not whitelisted , can you fix this please?
  2. J

    [1.4.6] TMCraft PvE Community Server[WL][Mindcrack]

    Minecraft Name: Juicestin Age&Location: 18 & California , USA Have you ever been banned from a server: Never have. Why would you like to play TMCraft: (please be honest with us for the reason that you want to join our server) I want join because i would like to play with a community and enjoy...
  3. J

    Whitelist Server [24/7] SMP.SO || FTB v8 MINDCRACK || WHITELIST || 4 GB || Small Community

    In game name: Juicestin Age:18 Country:USA How active are you:Pretty Active Got a microphone: Yes Have you been banned somewhere in the last 6 months (Explain why if you were):Never have been and never will be. Do you plan to use voice chat when we get one (Will be mumble):Yes. Anything you'd...
  4. J

    Whitelist Server Nut Housee Productz [UK]|FTB Mindcrack V8|Whitelist|Closed

    Minecraft username? - Juicestin 2. How long have you been playing minecraft? Over 2 years. 3. How long have you been playing FTB? for about 4 months now. 4. [Optional]Would you join the server teamspeak? Yes i would but i perfer skype.
  5. J

    HomieCraft [NO LAG] [whitelist] No Greifing/raiding [MindCrack-FTB]

    IGN: Juicestin Age: 18 Time Zone: -8:00 Pacific Time (US & Canada) Ill play often to help out the server and talk to friendlys. I dont grief , steal , use hacks , or anything else unwanted. I swear i wont.
  6. J

    Feed the Beast MD 1.4.6 Mindcrack v6 FTP Server

    Name: Justin Age: 18 MC Name: Juicestin MC/FTB Experience: 2 and half years with minecraft and about couple months with FTB but got into it really fast. How you can benefit the community: By helping building a spawn area and just helping anyone whos new.
  7. J

    ― LEGION MINDCRACK ― [1.4.6] v6 WHITELISTED COMMUNITY | 15 Max Slot Hard Survival |

    IGN: Juicestin Age: 18 Previous Bans (if any): None Timezone | Country: USA , Pacific Time Activity Level (Hours per day): 4-5 , more if needed. Able to communicate on Skype: Yes , ill pm you my skype name if i get accepted. Additional Information (Optional): I would like help the community...
  8. J

    Whitelist Server M's FTB Server | Mindcrack Pack [Whitelist][Hard][18+]

    IGN: Juicestin Age (16+): 18 Location: Califronia , USA Do you agree to the rules? i Agree fully. Secret Password: 735
  9. J

    FTB vanilla server 14+ Mature

    IGN: Juicestin 14+ Age?: 19 , yes. Agree to the rules?:Yes Are you mature?: I Consider myself mature. PS: I send you a pm with the Ip adress
  10. J

    GrayCraft|Latest FTB A|Whitelisted Mature PvE

    1: Minecraft Name- Juicestin 2: Age (my wife and I will ask to speak to you on skype or teamspeak to verify)- 19 3: Have you ever been banned before? Nope 4: Do you have Skype or TeamSpeak3? (You do not need to put your skype name here) - Yes i have skype.
  11. J

    Food For Tools|1.4.2|White List|New Server

    IGN: Juicestin Age: 19 Why you want to join: Im pretty new to FTB and want to learn the fundamentals to it and play with a friendly community. Anything else: I'm a very nice person (:
  12. J

    AppleCraft - FTB |FTB Beta-A 1.4.2|Whitelist or |No PvP - Creeper Explosions Off

    IGN - Juicestin Age - 18 FTB Experience - Not really that experienced but i really want to get to know FTB and well be great learning experience playing with experienced players. Have you ever been banned? - Never Why Were you banned? - n/a Why Do you want to be part of AppleCraft? Im looking...
  13. J

    Small friend-based Dedicated Hoster [6 active atm] whitelist

    IGN- Juicestin Age- 18 I just want to enjoy FTB with a group of people who like to play minecraft in a survival way , and playing alone isnt that fun ):
  14. J

    Obligatory-Craft|Beta Pack A|Whitelist|Mature Server for a small group

    IGN: Juicestin AGE: 18 YOUR FAVORITE MOD IN THE PACK: BuildCraft (even tho im pretty nooby at it) EXPERIENCE WITH THESE MODS: (you don't have to have any, I know a ton and can teach you) It would be great to learn from you! HAVE YOU BEEN BANNED AND WHY: never. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I just want...