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    How many of you play with keepInventory on?

    I do sometimes. And you know what else? I also like playing on peaceful. IDC if anyone else thinks that's boring or "not really playing". I do what I want.
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    1.0.1: Low hostile mob spawns

    I was caving for over 20 minutes and came across one zombie the entire time. It was daytime, too. So IMO something funky is going on.
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    Can someone help me?

    Thanks so much!!
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    Can someone help me?

    I got roped into creating a very small modpack for a very small server. I know how to put together mod packs myself, but I'm not sure where to put the files on the server side of things (or if the files for the server need to be different). The modpack is only going to have Forge, NEI and...
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    Best Mod Pack For Adventuring?

    I downloaded Hexplore It yesterday - what a fun (and terrifying) pack. I haven't been afraid to leave my starting cave since I first started playing MC - and this pack made me scared again. So a huge thanks to whomever recommended it.
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    Best Mod Pack For Adventuring?

    What's the long term benefit of tech packs? Bigger machines? More production? More power? And then? Are you being forced to teleport or fly? If not, I don't see the issue there. There are plenty of mods out there that put a big emphasis on progression (like Divine RPG, Thaumcraft, etc). It's...
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    Best Mod Pack For Adventuring?

    I prefer adventuring modpacks, too. I don't have anything against tech stuff, and I play with a tech modpack, but I want to explore and fight and stuff. Hexxit is a good one - I'm also playing another on the Techinic platform called The Cake Box (Millenaire, Chocolate Quest, Botania, etc). It...
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    More 1.7.10 Updates

    Thank you for updating us. I really appreciate it.
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    FTB to partner with Nerd Kingdom to help develop TUG.

    No where did I take a "cheap shot" at Slow. I expressed my frustration, in a very respectful manner, in the appropriate place. In fact, I don't give a crap how often Slow posts here - the news updates could come from anyone on the team - but he's the one who runs the team, so of course my...
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    Horizons should be removed

    I'm confused - did you use the latest build for OpenBlocks, or the 1.6.4 build? You need the 1.6.4 build, which I don't believe has an additional required lib. You shouldn't have to update Forge as far as I know. edit: Apologies, I thought OB had updated to 1.7.10, and they haven't. The latest...
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    FTB to partner with Nerd Kingdom to help develop TUG.

    Pretty unimpressed with TUG in general. Early supporter, won't run on my machine - there was zero indication that it wouldn't work when I initially donated. Aside from that, this announcement sort of irritates me. Your communication with your pack users pretty much sucks - instead of working...
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    A Modpack With A New Idea

    Did Thermal Expansion steal your lunch money or something?
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    Any 1.7.10 modpack private codes?

    Why not use Unstable?
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    Good, but overlooked 1.7.10 mods?

    That's the only I have installed, so I guess the answer is yes. Looking at it now, I realize how dumb that question actually was.
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    Good, but overlooked 1.7.10 mods?

    Quick (and maybe dumb) question re: MultiMc - I'm downloading and it auto selects the 32 bit version. My system is 64 bit, and so is my Java (obvs browser isn't). Will it still run the 64 bit Java if I'm using the 32 bit version?
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    {Alpha} Unstable Pack: Bug Reports

    No nether quartz has spawned in the Nether at all for me. On versions 1.0.5/6/7. I've tried adjusting the cofh configs, and enabling/disabling NetherOres - so far nothing has worked.
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    I just might be :)

    I just might be :)
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    Quick Question (Re: Unstable Pack, Thermal Expansion)

    You're right - it's right there on their website. I missed it the first 100 times I visited. Apologies for the dumb question.
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    Quick Question (Re: Unstable Pack, Thermal Expansion)

    I've been away from Minecraft for a few months now - loaded up Unstable and I can't find any sort of energy/item/liquid transfer for Thermal Expansion (I tried versions 1.0.5 and 1.0.6). I realize that this pack is Alpha and unsupported - I also realize TE was very recently updated. I'm just...
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    There is just 1 thing I want to know...seriously

    I need this in my life. That was hilarious. Too bad I only play SSP. I mean, I'll laugh alone, but it will be slightly less funny.