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    Open Server ForgeFields - FTB Mini-Games server [Wand Spleef, Skywars]

    We have a early version of our new game type Laser Tag up and running. Come on online now and give it a try!
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    Open Server ForgeFields - FTB Mini-Games server [Wand Spleef, Skywars]

    We have just rebuilt our main lobby so that all game signs are accessible from the same world which should help players find one another. As well we have also made way for Laser Tag and multiple other new game types which will remain unnamed! Come and have some fun! Join
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    Open Server ForgeFields - FTB Mini-Games server [Wand Spleef, Skywars]

    Hello all! Just a quick update. We have be running on Unleashed 1.1.7 for sometime time now and the momentum of players battling it out has started to pickup due to recent events. We also have a new Skywars map nearly ready for release but we will follow up with some more information about it...
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    Forum update 7/11/13

    *Sprinkles some magic fairy dust*
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    Forge Fields - Need map builders

    A post about Forge Fields now running in alpha can be found here.
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    Forge Fields - Need map builders

    We currently run two 32Gb servers which are hosted in Germany and would only take a few hours to get more online. We are mainly looking for completed maps for our game types (Wand Spleef, Skywars and coming soon Survival Games). Survival Games maps have a 500 radius dome which needs to be...
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    Open Server ForgeFields - FTB Mini-Games server [Wand Spleef, Skywars]

    Unleashed 1.1.7 - First ever FTB Mini games server! Allow us to introduce ourselves: We're the team behind ForgeFields, a brand new FeedTheBeast modpack mini-game hub. We've spent countless hours and consumed unhealthy amounts of coffee in order to bring to you some...
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    Forum update 7/11/13

    Hands down mine is better!
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    Forge Fields - Need map builders

    Sorry! still alive and progress is advancing! if you want access to the build server let me know your Minecraft username and I will get you set up with permissions so you can come on and help. We are in the progress of finishing four Spleef maps, heres a little sneak peak
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    FTB Store. Looking for input on what people want.

    I will looking in to the idea of a FTB mobile wiki app soon, let's just hope I find some time.
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    Forge Fields - Need map builders

    Hi Terraforming is a great thing! We currently have three game types which will be going in to open beta with, these being Spleef, Skywars and a Survival/Hunger games each with their own FTB twist and features to change them from there vanilla brothers and sisters. Here's two screenshots taken...
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    Forge Fields - Need map builders

    Hi Thats great, most of our voting and lobby systems are handled by Bukkit plugins (mainly for ease) so we are manly interested in people which are able to build structures and terrain for maps. If you still want to help or know anyone else which would want to let me know! Thanks
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    Forge Fields - Need map builders

    Forge Fields is a new Minecraft "Hub" style server network that will deliver Feed the Beast flavoured mini games to players all over the world. Forge Fields will run monthly tournaments and league tables in each of the game types that we support and our aim is to keep expanding these game types...
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    New site feedback

    I'm back from holiday now so I'll have a look in anything that needs doing in the coming days, But now I must sleep as my brain thinks it is 5am.
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    Just so people know...

    As you maybe seen recently there has been a fair few hours of downtime, I am not going to explain why myself but you can read why over here. Rob
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    News update 12-02-13

    Trust me.. Its nearly done PROOF Here.
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    Drop Down menus are not working for me?? Profile and Thread Tools

    Please can you try clearing for browser cache and let me know if that fixes the problem or not. How to can be found here.
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    Stream Preferences 404 error

    Well not sure how that got their :D
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    Wait what.....spinning avatars!

    Hehe Damm comic sans why didn't I think of that, am I to late if I do it now?? :) P.S There is also a hidden keyboard shortcut now which will do strange things
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    How to make these forums not so white?

    Hopefully some peoples eyes will recover, I'm calling it quits for tonight/this morning (4:30am). Have a play around with it and see what you think (Leaving feed back would be nice). I haven't touched the profile/settings area so expect that to be very broken along with a few other places.