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    Whitelist Server The Bears Domain | FTB Unleashed | Whitelist | 20 SLot | Mature 16+

    IGN: NeoExdeath887 Age: 18 Location: Ontario, Canada Experience with the mods in the pack: Competent in everything bar MFR. What can you contribute to our server?: A very nice and community oriented person who can help build and just have fun with everybody on the server. Have you ever been...
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    Whitelist Server MineWolf Server French-English [ULTIMATE] [32GB] [mature]

    - IGN : NeoExdeath887 - Your age : 17 - Ban : Haven't been banned before. - Your specialisation (gamer, architect) : "Theoretical Functionality - Experience with the mods/vanilla MC : Been playing tech mods since far before FTB was announced. also like Thermal Expansion quite a bit. :D
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    Whitelist Server [Ultimate] 30 slot Server, Bukkit

    Yeah, same problem with me.
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    Whitelist Server [Ultimate] 30 slot Server, Bukkit

    IGN:NeoExdeath887 Age:17 I've been following FTB since the Dire was playing it with Slowpoke101 and Nearbygamer, and I've been playing Techmods since shortly after I started playing Minecraft (before 1.7.3 beta) Country:Canada (EST) My favourite mod... a little hard to say, I'd say Thermal...
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    Thank you, but I'm looking more for a small community to play with.

    Thank you, but I'm looking more for a small community to play with.
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    HomieCraft [NO LAG] [whitelist] No Greifing/raiding [MindCrack-FTB]

    IGN: NeoExdeath887 Age:15 Time Zone: EST How often will I play:As much as I can; usually after 4:30 on weekdays but available anytime on weekends and holidays No Griefing, stealing, raiding, or nukes: Happily agreed! No mods, hacks, or glitches: Agreed! No lieing: Scout's honor. Be Mature, use...
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    Whitelist Server VC Unleahsed FTB Server [No Plugin][Asia][Whitelist][Mature][PVE]

    IGN:NeoExdeath887 Age:17 Something about yourself? Average person from Canada, can record if need be. Pretty nice to be around and adaptable. Experiences with the Minecraft? been playing mc since before 1.8, been playing with mods shortly after my introduction to minecraft. Why do you want to...
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    Private Pack Feed the Machine | 1.7.1 | Custom ModPack | Mature 17+ | Online and stable!

    Username:NeoExdeath887 Age:17 Years playing Minecraft? almost 2 years now. Java, or HTML experience? Not really. Other information: I'm the friend that Mukkod is speaking of. Generally a friendly person.
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    FEAR THE BEAST FTB SURVIVAL / Whitelist / No stealing or Griefing - ENFORCED

    In-Game Name:NeoExdeath887 Age:17 Do you have any experience with the FTB modpack?:I've been off and on with these mods since LONG before the release with FTB What do you look for in a server?:Not too, too big, relaxed but humorous community. Do you understand that there is no griefing or...
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    JustFTB [Age 15+][Whitelist][Youtube][No extra mods][Test]

    IGN:NeoExdeath887 Age:17 Have you ever been banned?(Don't even bother to lie i can see if you have been banned!):No. Are you going to record videos?: If needed, I am able to record. Can you follow the rules? Did you read them?:Yes and yes. What are you going to do in the server?: I really like...
  11. N | Premium FTB Server

    Where you heard about the server: A friend, Mukkod Why you would like to play on the server: To play on a FTB server with little to no lag and have a fun time with a nice community. If you have any bans on record: No a single one. What can you bring to the community: I have knowledge of the vast...
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    Food For Tools|1.4.2|White List|New Server

    IGN:NeoExdeath887 Age:17 Why you want to join: I'm looking for a nice,calm and friendly server to play on. Anything else: Knowledge with essentially all the mods save ComputerCraft coding.