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    Whitelist Server Infinity Server v1.2.1| 24/7 dedicated | Mature Commuinty

    IGN: Viticide Age: 26 Timezone: EST Extra info: I'm BIG on the magic mods (Thaumcraft, Botania, etc)
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    Whitelist Server Rock On Server Looking for new players{FTBUltimate}{Whitelist}18+

    Forum name: Viticide In-Game Name: Viticide Age: 25 Country: USA What you’re looking for in a server: A server I can enjoy building on without people looking for hand-holding (I tend to keep to myself but like being on a server for those moments I wanna chat or whatever), and a server that is...
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    Whitelist Server Merica | FTB Ultimate 1.1.2 | Whitelisted | Mature | No Greifing | PVP | Towny | Tickthreading

    IGN: Viticide Age: 24 Location: South Carolina How much do you know about FTB Ultimate mods: Still learning but I know a good bit and had a lot of experience with Tekkit before going to FTB. Why you want to join us: Had to take care of some irl stuff and hadn't time to play the game for a while...
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    Whitelist Server New FTB Ultimate Server [1.01] [Whitelist] [Newb Friendly] - OLD SEE NEW THREAD

    Age: 24 In Game Name: Viticide Why you want to join the server:Played Techic for a while before moving to FTB. Was on a server in Techic but been solo for FTB so far, looking to get back to a server as I find playing with others more fun. How long have you been playing Minecraft: 5-6 months now...