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  1. john01dav

    Open Modded Minecraft Club [Direwolf20 1.18] [Just Reset] - Remove Mahou Tsukai from your client

    In order to (massively) reduce the lag from stalls on the server, we have removed the Mahou Tsukai mod. Unfortunately, due to how Forge works in 1.18, you will need to remove this mod from your client in order to join.
  2. john01dav

    Open Modded Minecraft Club [Direwolf20 1.18] [Just Reset] - Map Reset & Update

    We just reset the map, so welcome on in anyone who wants a fresh map! We also updated to 1.6.1.
  3. john01dav

    Open Modded Minecraft Club [Direwolf20 1.18] [Just Reset]

    Quick Links Discord: Website: Wiki: Forums: Sever IP You MUST remove the mod Mahou Tsukai from your client to...
  4. john01dav

    Problem How, exactly, does IC2 power loss work?

    In my FTB Revelation 3.0.1 base, I needed to run a long cable to carry power over a hundred or so blocks of cables to my new AE2 building. I figured that this would work just fine if I used medium voltage (512 eu/t) coming from my main MFE. When I did this, however, I encountered significant...
  5. john01dav

    How can I advertise my server when Reddit is not an option?

    Hello, I am one of two owners of a Minecraft server that was once reasonably popular. Unfortunately, as we don't reset the map unless absolutely necessary, many players leave after they have completed what they want to in the packs that we offer. Until about 3 months ago, this was okay as we...
  6. john01dav

    Open Thermal Expansion machines lose upgrades and reset configuration

    I just want to contribute a bit of information: This issue happens with AE as well, which I haven't seen mentioned here. FTBUtilities is not responsible. I run a custom chunk loading plugin and a different claiming plugin on my server instead, and FTBU isn't installed. The issue started...
  7. john01dav

    Timed Out while trying to turn a monacle into an integer on FTB Beyond

    I tried disabling journeymap, which failed. I then disabled default settings, which also failed. Here's the log with both disabled:
  8. john01dav

    Timed Out while trying to turn a monacle into an integer on FTB Beyond

    Title Timed Out while trying to turn a monacle into an integer on FTB Beyond Launcher Type FTB Launcher Modpack FTB Beyond Modpack version 1.4.7 Have you modified the pack? No Link to log file Details of the issue Whenever I attempt...
  9. john01dav

    Multi-PC world share?

    Have you considered just setting up a server and connecting to that? You can also play on a public server (I have one with 3 packs if you need a good one) if you don't want to host one.
  10. john01dav

    Bug My server has been hacked, twice.

    @eobie Sorry for the slow response, no it is not in offline mode. Additionally, any accounts that would have access to do something like this are setup with two factor authentication. Here's the file: spawn-protection=0 max-tick-time=60000 generator-settings=...
  11. john01dav

    FTB Beyond Curse server

    If you need a server feel free to join mine. It's a public server and we'd very much enjoy hosting a streamer :)
  12. john01dav

    Direction for a noob admin

    If you're on < 1.7, use Thermos, Cauldron, or KCauldron with a bukkit plugin like PermissionsEx. Yes, Bukkit is technically dead, but it is continued by the very much alive Spigot project. If you're on 1.10 or later, use Sponge + LuckPerms. Both of these have great documentation. I've never...
  13. john01dav

    What is your preferred method of ore gen control?

    I think #1 is best since there is no overhead (ie. extra mods) which improves performance and memory usage while also lessening the chance that one of your mods causes crashes due to being programmed like a pile of shit (I'm not naming names, but there are quite a few mods like this in FTB right...
  14. john01dav

    Bug My server has been hacked, twice.

    Hello, Semi-recently a/some player(s) by the name of "Dragnyl," "Animised_Fox," and perhaps "sk8rrchik" (I do not know if these are the same person with alternate accounts or multiple hackers who found some hacked client that found a flaw in FTB -- their IP addresses are all different) have...
  15. john01dav

    Problem Server Issues

    When you host the server in the problematic computer, how are the two connected? When your girlfriend joins, does she have the same issues (localhost only, high ping)?
  16. john01dav

    Problem Server Issues

    Have you measured your ping to the server via the ping command? If you have and that ping is good, then you probably have low tps on the server. Also, for future reference, it is generally good to list what you have tried to do to solve the issue and why the Google results aren't helpful.
  17. john01dav

    Help with some easy question

    Autosave is enabled by default. Sponge even has an option to tell you when it happens. If you need to mannually trigger it, run the command /save-all.
  18. john01dav

    How do you deal with crashes that, when reported, lead to nothing?

    Hello, My server is currently experiencing many issues with crashes, mainly from a specific mod. The mod developer seems to be unresponsive and posting to the FTB issue tracker leads to nothing. The issues started earlier today, so I don't expect the mod dev or FTB to have a good response by...
  19. john01dav

    Open Server Crash with Biomes of Plenty and EnderIO

    Summary of the problem Server Crash with Biomes of Plenty and EnderIO Pack Version 1.1.4 What is the bug? I presently run a public server on the 1.10 Direwolf20 pack (1.1.4, the latest release marked as stable). The server continually crashes with the attached crash report with no specific...