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    World Doesnt Save

    Start by follow this guide carefully and fully. Once done if your save is still not saving please post a console log to after you close the game and the launchcer reopens. To do this check the Options tab to ensure that 'Show Console?' and 'Reopen launcher after exiting minecraft?'...
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    OptiFine Troubles

    Help with installing and using Optifine will be limited in the TechSupport forum because of the compatibility with other mods. Look here for help on installing Optifine.
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    Direwolf 1.6.4 World Deleted

    Try backing up and then deleting the Nether folder and see if you are able to get in then.
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    Ultimate: FTB Server Keeps Crashing

    What path do you have for the server? If you have tekkit or technic in one of the folders names leading up to the server folder or the server folder itself GregTech does not like it and will crash with that crash report. Not sure about the console log though.
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    Direwolf 1.6.4 World Deleted

    Okay not what I thought it was. I thought it was going to say it was a file. You could still try adding the FTB folder to the exclusions list of your antivirus program to see if it helps. Be sure to check any boxes that say 'include sub-folders' Also check to see if you have any other minecraft...
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    Problem Ticking tile entity, yet again :/

    Please do use click the 'Paste my log to' button. This will add a link to the bottom of the console. Provide us with the link so we can see your log. Which pack are you using? There are a few problems with adding pipes in different packs. Hope it is one of them, though...
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    Windows .exe Not enough items isn't working

    Welcome. Your Java version is pretty old. The latest is 7u51. I suggest updating it. Which pack are you trying to use? Is anything showing up on the edges of the screen like buttons? As in is it just the icons that are missing, or everything? Try changing your GUI size inside of minecraft.
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    Direwolf 1.6.4 World Deleted

    Could you post a log. The error you are describing sounds like an antivirus problem.
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    FTB errror

    Yes both versions are old and you only need one version of Java.
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    FTB errror

    Okay I was wrong. Your Java is really old and should be updated. Uninstall all Java versions and restart your computer. Then install only Java 7u51 x86 version from here and restart your computer one more time. If you had say 7u45 or something like that I would not suggest this as being necessary.
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    FTB errror

    The error points to a problem with Java, but if you are worried try it without reinstalling Java and then post the console log.
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    FTB errror

    It should reopen after you close minecraft. After following the guide open the launcher. Go to the Options tab and ensure that there are check marks in the boxes next to 'Show Console?' and 'Reopen launcher after exiting minecraft?' This should reopen the launcher and console with the error...
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    Wont play when launched?

    Welcome if what AgentTadpole said does not work please start a new thread over in TechSupport forum with a link to your console log. To get it press the 'Paste my log to' button. This will add the link that you give us to the bottom of your console. If the button times out or does...
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    Crashing, for months.

    Welcome sorry to hear about your experience with the launcher. Fatal errors usually are caused by drivers, though it might also be caused by out of date Java version as well. Without a current log of some kind we can only guess at the exact cause. Please follow this guide to ensure that you have...
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    FTB errror

    Welcome. You want to follow this guide when installing FTB. It will ensure that you have the latest version of Java and you are least likely to have issues by following it carefully and fully. The console log you wish to post is to We prefer it to any other method as it keeps...
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    1.6.4 Modpacks Not Working

    Okay a few ideas you can try listed below. Sorry I was away for a while and was hoping that someone else would have found the answer. Can you play vanilla without any connection issues? You said you have had trouble with sites being blocked like pastebin. I hope that the minecraft or FTB...
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    FTB 1.6.4 Packs won't let me create a new world on my computer

    When I checked your log again the folder is in your Application folder. I'm not sure how this will effect the launcher as it is not in the recommended place. The folder you want to backup and delete is /Applications/libraries since that is where you have the Install folder pointed to. I'm not...
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    Windows .exe Texture Packs won't Load

    Open the launcher and go to the Options tab and ensure that there are checks in the boxes next to 'Show Console?' and 'Reopen the launcher after exiting minecraft?' Now close and reopen the launcher. Try loading a pack with Sphax. After you get the error close minecraft window, the launcher...
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    FPS Lag Issue on DW20 pack

    Have you tried these arguments? They do wonders. Also make sure you do not have anything else running like a web browser. Or anything in the background like an antivirus program running a scan.
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    Did I do something wrong?

    There is an Equivalent Exchange for 1.6? Make sure you have the correct mods for the version of minecraft you are using. Also ensure that the same mods and configs are on the server as the client.