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    Dedicated|Direwolf20|50 Slot|No Whitelist!|Essentials!

    Was about to play the server. Screw that idea, I rather not play with a server owner who acts like this when someone gives constructive critisism.
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    Open Server Ultra Survival | [Direwolf20 V5.2.1][1.4.7][50 Slots] | NO-WL | Survival | MyTowns | Teamspeak 3

    You did edit the Thaumcraft config so that it "regenerates" already loaded chunks, adding thaumcraft things to them, right? (This won't destroy houses or anything, it'll just add thaumcraft generation to places that missed it) Edit: No, you didn't. Without the config set so that it...
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    Derplandz~Direwolf20 Pack~Openserver :D

    There's no "no griefing" rule? Hell yes. Finally found an anarchy server :D
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    Open Server Ultra Survival | [Direwolf20 V5.2.1][1.4.7][50 Slots] | NO-WL | Survival | MyTowns | Teamspeak 3

    Could you ban Akazombie? He got griefed because of something he allowed, and is now raging and killing everyone while griefing them. I have a screen for proof, and someone else has a video.
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    Everfree Forest | 1.4.2 | OPEN | Commands | Mature Staff | Protection | PvE

    Looking through the rules, I noticed the "moon glitch" part. What do you refer to when you speak of this?
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    Annoyingtroll Server FTB 1.4.2 OPEN

    IGN - theshinesprites Age - 14 FTB Experience level? Large. I know lots bout IC2 and BC, learning TE and TF. Have you ever been banned? No. Why Were you banned? N/A Why Do you want to be part of AnnoyingTroll community? Seems like an interesting server. Played others, there was always one mod...
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    DomainCraft Direwolf20 Modpack Server! | 1.4.6 (Dw20Pack) | Whitelist |

    Minecraft Username: theshinesprites Age: 13 Do you know anything about the mods in the DW20 pack? Yes. I know lots about Thaumcraft 3 and IC2, learning BC and TE and Forestry. Are you a mature player? Sure. Have you ever been banned on a server (Please tell the truth!), if so, why? No. Haven't...
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    Open Server Ultra Survival | [Direwolf20 V5.2.1][1.4.7][50 Slots] | NO-WL | Survival | MyTowns | Teamspeak 3

    Could you ban Nickthebeast101? He came to out house and started to portal gun us around, and when we killed him and said stop, he griefed our house and spawnkilled us when we tried to go back. I have a screenshot for proof if you need it
  9. T | Premium FTB Server

    IGN: theshinesprites Where you heard about the server: Right here Why you would like to play on the server: The anarchy (Grief and raid) Universal Electricity server I'd like to play. If you have any bans on record: Nope. What can you bring to the community: Skilled with some mods, quick learner.
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    [FTB's Magic World][Whitelist][24/7] Humble beginnings

    IGN~Theshinesprites Age~13 (Mature though.) Knowledge over mods: Great with Thaumcraft, know some of Twilight Forest, good with Forestry beekeeping, no clue on thermal expansion though.
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    Any ideas for Thaumaturgy Labs?

    I can confirm this "hilly dungeon" On my first world with this, I decided to settle in a village. I randomly found a tunnel on the side of a hill not far, and entered. Two spawners, zombie and skeleton, along with 3 chests at the bottom and 2 wisps. I didn't have goggles of revealing though, so...
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    Desolation Cold War [1.4.5][Universal Electricity][No Whitelist]

    IGN: theshinesprites Age: Thirteen. Have you ever been banned on another server for griefing? No. Have I ever griefed though? Yes. That was on a full anarchy tekkit server though, and he was acting like he owned the place.