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  1. J

    World of Mods (whitelisted server) (Direwolf20's mod pack)

    your in game name: Amrergthol Age: your age: 25 Mod experience: how experienced you are with mods and minecraft in general? I have been following DW since season 1 watched all his Mod Spotlight. and have played since the begging with all the mods Activeness: how active you are daily? I am active...
  2. J

    Candy's server mindcrack mod pack white list 25+ year old

    I hope to get back on soon again I Keep geting kicked from server Hope to resolve soon
  3. J

    Candy's server mindcrack mod pack white list 25+ year old

    Whitelist app: Are u more then 25 year old: I am 25 Years of Age IGN: Armergthol Your goal in game: Hope to help build a community with People that enjoy minecraft. awe most like the Minecrack server its self. I hope I will be accepted.. I awe so bring grate Knowledge about most of the mods...
  4. J

    Small FTB server needs active members.

    IGN: Armergthol 16+ Age? Yes 25 Agree to the rules? Yes I do Agree to the Ruels
  5. J

    Just Another World [FTB mod pack][whitelisted]

    Why was I banned I want an explanation.... I was AFK for smoking and I come back and was banned? that dose not make any seance. IGN: Armergthol Have been Unbanned but would love to know why I was in the first place.
  6. J

    DiamondFTB[PvE][Whitelist][Basic][Brand New]

    IGN: Armergthol Can you follow the rules? Yes I can Have you ever been banned? Not that I can Remeber Can you be a regular player(0.5-2 hours/day)? More than 2 :P about 5 or 6 Maybe more on Some days Are you going to make Youtube videos? If I am allowed I might start making videos
  7. J

    Just Another World [FTB mod pack][whitelisted]

    IGN: Armergthol 16+ Age?: Yes, 25. Agree to the rules?: Yes I do. A bit of info about you.: Well I love to play Modded Minecraft and I love the FTB Mod pack, Been Watching DW20 for a few months now and fell in love with the Mods. I am Pretty well versed in the Mod Pack. I hope to See you guys in...
  8. J

    Feast Thy Badger [mindcrack] whitlisted 18+ mature server

    IGN: Armergthol Age: 25 Thought you might want to know the age being 18+ Looking forward to gaming in the FTB Pack with you