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    (Official) FTB Resurrection Beta Testers

    Minecraft IGN: XavierMcMage Teamspeak Access: Yes Mic: Yes Modded Minecraft Experience: I've been playing modded Minecraft since the Tekkit days(MC 1.2.5 I think). Ever since then, I've been maintaining a private modpack for a few friends and myself to play. One iteration of said pack had...
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    Creating New FTB Team: Positions Open

    Congrats everyone. Best of luck in your quest crafting. :)
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    Creating New FTB Team: Positions Open

    Parent Quest Set: Introduction Quest Title: Thaumic Beginnings Description: Thaumaturgy! Now that is an interesting school of magic. You can make all kinds of fascinating devices that utilize the elemental aspects contained in all things. 1st Task: Iron Caps (Crafting Task) - Description: To...