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    Whitelist Server Blues-Craft | Infinity 1.2.0 | White-List | Grief Protection |Keep Items on death | Essentials |24/7

    IGN : Emba Why you love minecraft? : It allows for the expansion of creativity. Whats your favourite mod? : IC2 Why do you want to join the crafters? : I want to expand my knowledge of mods while being a part of a community. Whats the main rule? : Have fun! also.. since theres 2 Minecraft...
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    Whitelist Server Elite Perseverance Infinity 1.2.0 | No Banned Items | No Lag | Mature Players Preferred

    In Game Name: Emba Age: 16 Have you ever been banned from previous servers? If so, Why?: No, I haven't. Do you get along with others well?: I do! Do you prefer playing in a group or alone?: I prefer working alone, so I tend to be very quiet. I'm very friendly, though. What aspect of modded mc...
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    Whitelist Server Fusion-Servers |Private/Public Servers | FTB Infinity | 1.3.4 | No Banned Items |

    IGN: Emba Age: 16 Timezone: EST (Optional) Extra info: Looking for a server to make a home in and test out new things. Hope to see you soon. ^^;