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    Whitelist Server GG FTB [Whitelist]

    IGN: Leaflance4983 Name: Austin Age: 16 Mental Age: 16 Gender(Opt.): Male Location(Opt.): NJ Cake or Pie: Cake Something about yourself: I'd like to join your server because I want to replicate the same feeling I've had on previous FTB whitelist servers (all eventually shutting down because of...
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    Whitelist Server Mindcrack FTB Fan Sever|New|Mindcrack|Whitelisted|Community|8.3.2|24/7

    Name: Austin Cheng IGN: Leaflance4983 Age: 13 Location: New Jersey How many hours do you play per day/week: Generally, I play 1-2 hours per day, which makes for around 10 hours per week. Experience with FTB: Highly experienced, I've been on many whitelist FTB servers, but they all eventually...
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    Whitelist Server CommunityCraft [16+] [Friendly] [BRANDNEW]

    1.) Minecraft Username: Leaflance4983 2.) Why Do You Want To Play On Our Server?: I was looking for a new FTB server, as all the other servers I have played on have long since shut down. This server in particular caught my eye with just the name itself: CommunityCraft. The main thing I am...