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    New Modpack Idea: Famine

    I like the concept. 10/10 would play. Edit: A Waste Land Option?
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    [Beta] Atum 1.6.4 Alpha Test

    I like the difference between other mods that includes dimensions. We have a sandy abandon ancient society here called the Atum. A Tropical Vacation called Tropicraft. A overgrown forestry abandon kingdom filled with monsters called the Twilight Forest. Under the forest the bug infested Erebus...
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    A new modpack simular to Mindcrack?

    It is pretty balanced. The modpack is carefully analyzed and they test mods out to see if it goes with each other, I think some mods like Morph and Advance Genetics should be out of the pack though.
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    Should ic2 be boycotted untill the power system is fixed ??

    Why? Make your own mod if you don't like it. FTB was never about being real but being functional.
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    Windows .exe Placed what seems to be a undeleteable block.

    Use McEdit to get rid of it. I haven't seen this before.
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    Windows .exe Placed what seems to be a undeleteable block.

    Try using McEdit to get rid of it. Any screenshots?
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    Windows .exe Placed what seems to be a undeleteable block.

    Creative mode? Try learning Thaumcraft and you'll understand more about these "Arcane Doors".
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    Botania - An innovative natural magic themed tech mod (Not in beta any more!)

    I'm going to test this mod. For the main reason to see what happens if I align all those color full mana spreaders into one spot and jump in it.
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    twilight forest WTF??

    Maybe you have set it on peaceful? Or Naga loves trolling.
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    How long until you get bored on a new world?

    I am at end-game right now and my goal from the beginning is to make minecraft civilized. I made skyscrapers and industry buildings and populated them with mobs.
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    An Eldritch Abomination from Below the World

    It was written on your website before you changed it. It was the most interesting one to me.
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    An Eldritch Abomination from Below the World

    I been waiting for this mod. Wasn't it based on something? I think it was Matmos.
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    How to live in a Pokeball

    Man, A Doctor could have only have known about this.
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    "What is Equivalent Exchange?"

    To be honest I used EE2 on a server I used to play back at Tekkit. It was lead mod to my advantage and nobody liked it where I talked about it on the Technic Forums. EE2 is a fun mod but gets unbalanced when using it on a server. Sorry if I disrupted your feelings.
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    "What is Equivalent Exchange?"

    Thanks for the correction. From what I learned the difference between Dark matter and Anti-Matter is that Anti-matter is a counterpart of matter and Dark matter is matter that we can't see with our telescopes ,but we know it is there because of gravitational difference.
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    "What is Equivalent Exchange?"

    I just wanted to point out the Origins of EE.
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    "What is Equivalent Exchange?"

    EE2 was a disappointment unbalanced. You could have gotten Red Matter Armor in matter of a week in minecraft and also wearing Dark matter will probably kill you. Pahimar Xeno forgotten what EE was about. Alrighty, lets talk about EE3. Where Pahimar knows where he is doing. EE3 was based on FMA...
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    Request Suggest mods for creation here

    Farfetched Idea I saw on Reddit. Terrafirmacraft BTW > BC > IC2 > GT > EE2 "A bunch of recipe changes, with bellows required to start BC, steel required to start IC2, and massive amounts of UU matter and energy required to start EE (the point was to allow for progression and upgrading old...
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    Greylist Server ForgedFTB Direwolf 1.0.12 | Greylist | No PvP | No Prot. | Surv | Argentina

    Hello, I recently joined the server and I redownload my Direwolf20 files. Now I been having problems logging on to the server with these showing up when I'm trying to join the server. My suspicions is on Project Red ,but I have certainly have them installed.
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    Whitelist Server Small Build|Direwolf20 1.0.12|Whitelist|No Banned Items|New World|Mature

    Application: MC name: HarveyNico456 Where are you from?: California What is your favorate thing to build?: Wizard Towers with a underground science chamber. Why do you want to play on this server?: Well, I'm taking a break from Mekanism and getting into IC2 and Thermal Expansion. I also need a...