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    Whitelist Server [1.4.7][FTB MINDCRACK PACK][WHITELISTED][NO BLACKLIST!]Feed the Beast!

    Tell us your IG Name TJPearl Have You ever Been Banned? No We will check This at Nope If you have been Banned why? Will you Grief? No sir Will you be kind to other players? Yes, i love meeting new people :D
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    Whitelist Server Wolfstone FTB|Monster 1.0.9 Beta|Whitelist|TS3|Mature|Survival|

    I'd like to vouch for Econom1c (if that counts for anything) :)
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    Whitelist Server (WhiteListed) Applications FTB Ultimate Server 18 Slots

    Application:Name: Tim Age: 18 IGN: TJPearl Skype (required): tim.pearl1 FTB experience: I used to play A LOT, but have been on a break. 2-3 years vanilla MC and a bit of Tekkit Creativity: More than enough :D How often you play: 2-5 hours a day Do you play on any other servers? Not for a while...
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    Whitelist Server Wolfstone FTB|Monster 1.0.9 Beta|Whitelist|TS3|Mature|Survival|

    Username: TJPearl Age: 18 Country of residence: Unite Kingdom Why do you want to join?: To meet new people and learn new things about the modpack from them Past notable experience (Not important): Some Tekkit, over two years of vanilla MC and a few months of Mindcrack How many rules are...
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    Whitelist Server SteadyCraft |FTB Monster 1.0.7 | Whitelist | Survival |Mature|24 /7 Uptime

    IGN: TJPearl Age: 18 Why do you want to join?: To meet new people and learn new things about the mod pack from them :) Experience with modded minecraft: Have played a fair amount of mindcrack have you ever been banned? -if yes then why- No sir :) where are you from? United Kingdom
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    Whitelist Server CLOSED DOWN - Mjionation | FTB 1.3.5v | DW20 | Whitelisted

    Mc name: TJPearl Age: 18 Where you're from(country): UK How long you have been playing MC: over 2 years Hours spent in a week: depends on school work, I could easily manage 2 hours a day though. so 14 minimum
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    Whitelist Server MindCrack 8.3.2 ::GregTec Easy:: Whitelist Server Fresh Start :) Age 18+

    1. In game Name: TJPearl 2. Skype Name ( Mandatory ): tim.pearl1 3. Age:18 4. How often do you play minecraft? Have been playing for over 2 years, less so recently but am looking to get back into it 5. Why would you like to join? To meet new people and learn new things about this modpack :D 6...
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    Whitelist Server (WhiteListed) Applications FTB Ultimate Server 18 Slots

    1.Why do you want to join the server? I am fairly new to this mod back, i have played around a bit on single player but i feel i could really learn more and become better at it if i were to play with others. There is also the obvious perk of meeting some great new people :D 2.Tell me your...
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    Whitelist Server Pyromys FTB - Mindcrack latest - Whitelist - Bukkit plugins [20 slots]

    In game name: TJPearl Age: 17 Where are you from: UK What timezone are you in: GMT What attracts you to playing on a server: I like the community aspect of the game, i have been playing single player for a while and i am getting bored I must ask, ever banned? If so why: Nope :)
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    Samski11's Server [Mindcrack w/mystcraft] [Whitelist] [Small]

    IGN: TJPearl Age: 17 Country: UK Favourite mod: Forestry A little bit about yourself: Looking to be part of a small community and try out this 1.4.6 Skype: Tim.Pearl1
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    FTB PvP Map Building [Whitelist][Vanilla FTBBETAA][1.4.2][16+ Mature With Exceptions]

    IGN: TJPearl Country: England Age: (If you are not 16+ you will have to join the teamspeak to prove to me that you're mature enough) 17 Why do you want to join the server: So that i can join and be part of a mature community of players and i can meet and build with new people. Have you read the...
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    Feed the BBB... Beast SMP server (Dedicated 24/7, Whitelist, UK)

    Real name: Tim Minecraft name: TJPearl Age: 17 Reason for application: I want to be part of a smaller community of mature players so i can take on projects and meet new players. Have you been banned before: Nope, i genrally abide the rules Will you use TeamSpeak: Yes
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    FTB 1.4.2 | 24/7 (Whitelist) | Mature [Hamachi]

    Ign: TJPearl Are you going to be active?: Yeah How long have you been playing FTB?: only a couple of weeks but i have experience on Tekkit Are you age 16+?:Yes, I am 17
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    Drakstars FTB Server|Latest FTB Beta|Whitelisted

    Username: TJPearl Age: 17 Experience with mods: I haven't got a huge amount of experience with Feed the Beast but it is a refreshing change from Tekkit as everything was too easy. Why I should add you: I am mature and quite a good builder, i look foward to maybe building and playing with other...
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    FTB vanilla server 14+ Mature

    IGN: TJPearl 14+ Age?:Yerp 17 Agree to the rules?:Yes Are you mature?: Yeah, looking to build and talk with people that are too :)
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    Haven Gaming FTB [FTB Pack A, 1.4.2] [White List] [Survival]

    Minecraft username: TJPearl Age: 17 Timezone: GMT Some things you have built on minecraft? I like to build towns and palaces Have you griefed, hacked, etc? Nope :) Do you have or have had any Moderator/Admin experience? I was an Admin on a Faction server and i co-owned a server for a while. Have...
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    [FTB's Magic World][Whitelist][24/7] Humble beginnings

    IGN: TJPearl I am 17 and from England. I really would like to play this server because i want to be part of a smaller community and share ideas and events with each other :)
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    Mcraftworlds FTB / 20+ Mature / Beta Server - Whitelist

    In Game Name: TJPearl AGE: (Important): 17, almost 18 Why you are applying: Because i am interested in playing the game in a community as playing alone becomes stale sometimes. What you expect: I expect to make some mature friends who I can build with and share ideas with.