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    Whitelist Server O.D.G Craft| Direwolf 20 1.7 | Mature 18+ | Non PVP | Small White-listed | Dedicated Server

    IGN (In Game Name): Zoothorne and hers Zarella422 Age: we are both 21 A little about you and you Minecraft experience?: been playing for about 4 years off and on. ive soloed every boss easly like everyone else. love to build big castles out of ore legitly Do you have Teamspeak3: I do she...
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    Whitelist Server OzCraft | 1.2.1 Whitelist | Mature + Experienced players (25+)

    Age: 21 21 Location: West coast How much you play: depending on how much wife wants to play. probably 1-6 hours a day. What DW20 mods are you interested in using?: twilight forest, an... forgot what they were all called :P a lot of them tho. What will you be doing on our server?: building alot...