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    Whitelist Server | FTB Infinity Server ! | Small Community,Friendly,Mature |

    Name: Matthew Age: 16 Ign: Deccenic Experience(How long have you been playing,etc): I have been playing Minecraft for 3-4 yrs and I have been playing FTB since the Initial launch What are your interests: I enjoy building up a nice base on a small community server Main Language: English
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    Whitelist Server Fusion-Servers |Private/Public Servers | FTB Infinity | 1.3.4 | No Banned Items |

    IGN: Deccenic Age: 16 Timezone: EST Server: Infinity (Optional) Extra info: Ihave been playing FTB since the initial launch and I could never find a good server but this one looks really good
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    Whitelist Server direwolf 1.7 1.0.3 chillcraft_reboot-few band items-new map-small group-16+only

    IGN: maxhg521 Age: 16 Experience: 3 to 4 years What you're looking for in a server: a nice modded community to play with
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    About the Ban Here [ ] it was so long ago i really don't remember...

    About the Ban Here [ ] it was so long ago i really don't remember much but, I can remember about having bad influences when I first started playing minecraft and they lead me to do stuff i don't do anymore because I have matured since then.
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    Whitelist Server New Dawn [ FTB Direwolf20 v1.7.10 (whitelisted) | 24/7 | +16 | Space Limited ]

    IGN: maxhg521 Skype?: matthew.garcia521 Age: 16 Reason of joining: I wanted to start a FTB YouTube series and this looked like the perfect server Do you agree to the terms and rules?: Agreed Creativity 1-10: [(x^2)-20x+(23/3)]'-√576+4!=0 Mod Knowledge 1-10: ^10 FUN LEVEL 1-10: 10 Youtube...
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    Whitelist Server Chill the Beast: Direwolf20 1.7.10 Modpack Server, All Mods/Items

    IGN: maxhg521 Age: 16 How long you've played Minecraft/Past Experience: 4 to 5 years Type of Minecraft player you are: I love to build and have high knowledge of complete automation How long you plan on staying: for quite a while Skype(Optional): matthew.garcia521
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    Whitelist Server Empyrean DireWolf20 1.7 | Minimum Plugins | No griefing | No banned Items

    IGN: maxhg521 Age: 16 Why would you like to join?: Minecraft has always been fun to me, not to mention FTB, but playing on a server just makes it that much more fun because of the interaction with people who also love to play the game what do you feel you could contribute to the server?: I've...
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    IGN: maxhg521 AGE: 15 Mods Played: I've played with almost all of the FTB mods and also allot of other mods that haven't been added to FTB Favorite Mods: There are so many good mods it's hard to choose but if i had to i would have to pick IC2, Thermal Expansion, Thaumcraft, and Ars Magica
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    Whitelist Server Hideout Kingdom [Dw20 1.0.23][24/7][40Slots][Plugins][Whitelisted]

    IGN: maxhg521 Age: 15 How long have you been playing minecraft?: For about 3-4 years Have you ever been banned?: No Do you know how to use TeamSpeak?: Yes Are you youtuber? If so, what is your channel?: I planned to start on your sever Why you want to join?: I could be a help to any new players...
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    Whitelist Server Beat The Beast dw20 1.0.1 whitelisted small community(1.7.10)Nothing banned,fast response

    IGN.... maxhg521 AGE..... 15 WHERE YOUR FROM...... Colombia, SA HAVE YOU EVER BEEN BANNED... yes once from one of my friends servers because he was mad at me for personal reasons WHY SHOULD WE WHITE LIST YOU.... I am very knowledgeable of the mod pack and the mods in it i could help new players...
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    Whitelist Server Choppercraft - Direwolf20 1.6 - Whitelist - 20-30 Players

    IGN: maxhg521 Age: 15 Country: North America Sex: Male Reason for Joining; I really enjoy the direwolf mod pack and I wanted to play on a small nice community just to add to the Enjoyment How will you contribute: I can help new players, and i can help with community builds Have you been Banned...
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    Whitelist Server Small Community Server|Australian Host|Direwolf20 1.6.4 v1.0.7|Whitelist|Teamspeak Essential|Mature

    Name: Matthew Minecraft Name: maxhg521 Age (Don't Lie): 15 (mature) Where do you live (State,Country): GA,US Average Hours to Play (per day/week):3-4 School/No School: I am a soft-more in high school Extra Info: I have played modded minecraft for over a year and I am very helpful to new players...
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    Whitelist Server Around the Galaxy [Migrated] [Please close this thread]

    I am mature, i wont do anything wrong.
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    Whitelist Server Around the Galaxy [Migrated] [Please close this thread]

    why didn't i get accepted :( just tell me and i will fix it, Please
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    Can u tell me why i wasn't accepted

    Can u tell me why i wasn't accepted
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    Whitelist Server Around the Galaxy [Migrated] [Please close this thread]

    MC Name: Maxhg521 Name(Optional): Matthew Age: 15 Country: United States Explain in your own words what the server one rule is all about: Be Helpful, Respectful and Don't dis-respect anyone, and Help the Community not Hurt it (I was the only one not excepted what have i done wrong please...
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    hey can I join your server for 1.5.2 beta pack IGN: maxhg521

    hey can I join your server for 1.5.2 beta pack IGN: maxhg521
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    hey ceddj

    hey ceddj
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    hey can u accept my application to yur server tht would be cool thx

    hey can u accept my application to yur server tht would be cool thx
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    Casual Server The Underground Server [15 Slots][Direwolf20 1.6.4 (v1.0.0)][White-list][PvE]

    IGN:maxhg521 Age:14 Experience with mods:1-2 years very experienced Banned y/n:no Why ^: What else would you like to say:i can help new comers to the modpack and i can make helpful contraptions