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    Whitelist Server TechnicalLab [Custom Ultimate Pack] [Whitelist] [24/7]

    My Name: Cheezburger1 My age: 16 I live in (Country): East US I have a microphone: Nope, sorry. I will join Teamspeak when im on the server: Eventually, maybe, if I like the server and decide to stick with it. I agree with all the rules that are listed above in the topic: Yes. It's going to be...
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    Whitelist Server JCraft Ultimate FTB dedicated bukkit server

    Name: Cheezburger1 Age: 16 Experience with the mods/vanilla MC: I can get up to about T2 BC without needing a wiki. What do you bring to the table? Mediocre building skills and several bad jokes. Anything else that may make us like you: Meh, I'm not really a likable person. Have you ever been...
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    Whitelist Server CrazyCraft - Ultimate - White list - No Banned Items 24/7 - Keep items on death

    In-Game Name: cheezburger1 Age: 16 Country: Eastern US Time Zone: Pacific time, -8:00 How often will you play? Really depends on how the server turns out. Most likely a few hours every day or two. Skype? I have one, but I'm always in group call with my friends Have you ever been banned? Why...
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    Whitelist Server Fusion-Craft|Ultimate|White list|Grief Prev|1.1.2|TS3|Keep items on death|Essentials

    I hate to bug you, but I'm still un-whitelisted. Sorry.
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    Whitelist Server Fusion-Craft|Ultimate|White list|Grief Prev|1.1.2|TS3|Keep items on death|Essentials

    Forum name: UltraTurboPanda In-Game Name: Cheezburger1 Age: 16 Country: East coast of the U.S. Have you ever been banned? why? Yes, I have. Over 3 years ago I had played on the MuttsWorldMine server, and I had gathered quite some trust with the admins. For some reason I got bored of MC on the...
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    Open Server Team Vortex | Friendly Players | Grief Prevention | 90 Slots| TeamSpeak | Minimum Restrictions

    Any word on the status of the server? I logged on a few hours ago to play, and the whole town was a mess of grief and people accusing others. I try to log on again now and I'm not white-listed. Anything anyone has to say is appreciated. Thanks, Cheezburger1
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    Whitelist Server CraftBeast|Ultimate Pack|Whitelist|24/7|New Server!|90 Slots! |Nice Community|Updated!

    In-Game Username: cheezburger1 Age: 16 Have you ever been banned from any type of Minecraft server?: Sadly, yes. If Yes, why? Over a year ago now, I had quit playing minecraft for a few months and left my account to sit unattended. When I got the urge to log back on to my favorite server and...
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    [1.4.6] TMCraft PvE Community Server[WL][Mindcrack]

    Minecraft Name: Cheezburger1 Age&Location: 16 in US West. Have you ever been banned from a server: Yes. I had quit minecraft for several months, and came back to see I was banned from my favorite server. It turns out I was hacked over that break and spammed on several servers. Sadly I was unable...
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    NewCraft|White listed|Dw20 modpack|

    MC Username: Cheezburger1 Age: 16 Any knowledge of the mods in this pack, if yes which ones: Mystcraft and RP2. I'm still rather new to the modding scene. Are you mature: Yes Have you ever been ban before, if so for what: Yes, from mutts-world when a spammer got my account info. I was unable to...