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    Creepers not exploding

    aren't you happy?
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    Tinkers Construct 2 (1.10+) Tool and Material discussion

    i see a convergent necroposting ;O
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    FTB Should be able to run in Offline Mode!

    This is exactly what it is doing through the mojang server, that is why you need internet connection. As i said, once you loaded minecraft, you don't need connection anymore. Perhaps even while it is loading the mods you can turn it off. I
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    FTB Should be able to run in Offline Mode!

    I think once you launched your minecraft and all the mods are correctly loaded ( even before, perhaps), you can turn off the internet without problems. This feature is there to prevent some "alternative" version of minecraft being used.
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    Ultimate Unicorn

    Why you report your problem here and not to the guy making the mod?
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    What do I do with so much meat I can't eat it all?

    I would rather call it "massively reduce space for the same generated RF"
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    ftb ultimate reloaded immersive engineering

    I think you make them with the tech reborn blast furnace
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    Problem AE2 autocrafting stalls with every ingredient "stored"

    Yes, the energy containing crap of Ic2 (battery, crystals) do not agree very well with the AE crafting system. As workaround, you can use the crafting machine from thermal expansion (cyclic assembler I think). So you can come up with an AE interface sending the items to the assembler and let it...
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    FTB Inventions + additionalPipes mod are they compatible?

    hey, best thing is to try and add it, nothing will blow up anyways, especially if you backup. Also, I don't see why it should not work. I don't remember what mods are there in inventions but thermal expansion, enderIO and mekanism provide energy/items/fluids wireless transport. I am sure that...
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    It's time to revive this forum

    infinity was not bad, cmon.
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    The best way to get most EU power in Ultimate reloaded

    tech reborn fusion reactor?
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    Copy-Paste Tech Reborn machine settings 1.12.2

    dear all, Is there a cheap way to copy machine settings across several Tech reborn machines? In other words, if I want to set up,say, 10 industrial centrifuges doing the same thing and outputting stuff in different directions, do I have to set them all manually or is there a shift-rightclick...
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    Why do you keep playing a world?

    I choose the ultimate tasks of the game: They have to be reasonably "hard" to get Say: tech reborn/gregtech/reika's fusion reactor Automated, self sustaining quantum solar panels fatory with a certain production per minute.(no mining possible, all the stuff has to be generated in loco) Automate...
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    Mod Feedback [By Request] RotaryCraft Suggestions

    Okay, i’ll try to make direct suggestions, keep in mind i am ignorant in java, so i might tell something unreasonable, i apologyze in advance Rotarycraft aeroderivative I would add a sort of “<insert material>,<insert manufacturing> rotor” item Maybe with max two choices each Say, Materials...
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    Mod Feedback [By Request] RotaryCraft Suggestions

    Sort of necroposting, but did you ever think about implementing proper turbine/compressor design in rotarycraft/reactorcraft? I don’t even know if it is feasible, but stuff like blades of different materials, rotor cooling, different casting techniques (single cristal, directional...
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    Low fps on good pc (i already posted one but didnt help)

    Make sure it’s using the dedicated graphic card I had to manually tell the gpu to do that (basically tell it to use the gpu for the COMPLETE java installation folder, otherwise for some reason it doesn’t work) Whilst surely backed up by knowledge, i find rhn statement a little bit tragic I am...
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    FTB Performance over the years

    i thnk you open task manager and see the GPU being used by the process on the right(provided you have a dedicated one, not just the integrated CPU one)
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    low fps on really good pc

    Update: for those looking for it (N.B. my desktop is in italian, so i am translating the names) go to NVIDIA control panel---> on the left, "manage 3D settings" ---> in the middle of the screen "program settings" ---> add !!!!!here is the thing: specify the nvidia control panel to use the...
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    low fps on really good pc

    nono dedicated means dedicated memory (it's own one)---> it's not the integrated one ( i know how to tell the pc which GPU to use, it's not the first time i do it). Seems, however, that you are right i checked with the task manager and minecraft keeps using the integrated GPU instead of the...
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    low fps on really good pc

    Actually i don't think so, the nvidia driver says the dedicated gpu is being used when minecraft is on. I manually added java to the list of programs that should use the dedicated gpu But i will try nontheless