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    How to "Redwood" in Agrarian Skies

    Theres a config setting in the exaliquo.cfg file in the natura tweaks section. Set "Can redwood trees be obtained" to true and then I believe you would just need to sieve a whole lot of topiary grass for a chance at the saplings, since topiary grass is what you sieve to get the natura saplings IIRC.
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    Any way to turn off this Console Spammer?

    Update the pack you're using to a newer version or update twilight forest.
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    Thaumic Tinkerer's Dynamism Tablet

    I don't think theres anything in Thaumic Tinkerer that needs a specific warp level to unlock. Only thing that does need warp is the Elderitch tab from vanilla Thaumcraft. To get access to the Dynamism Tablet you need to unlock the Thaumic Attractor which is hidden until you research the...
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    How can i convert EU to RF, OR power laser drills, DW20

    Using the MFR laser you're better off having it find IC2 uranium with a lime focus and process that in a non-IC2 machine to get yellorium, otherwise you're never going to have enough to keep the reactor fed. Its a shame the pack tries to nerf big reactors into the ground by increasing yellorium...
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    Bug FTB keeps crashing, help!

    You need to use Java 7 with Agrarian Skies. You've currently got Java 8 which will crash versions of Minecraft below 1.7.10 and Agrarian Skies runs on 1.6.4.
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    My alloy smelter or sag mill is not takeing any charge from my generator

    The API changed since direwolf's early season 7 videos. You have to use an energy conduit to connect extra utilities generators to enderio machines now.
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    Understanding crash reports

    Looks like a cross mod rendering issue between thaumcraft and waila. Try disabling waila and see if that lets you back in. If not you'll need to remove the block indicated by RJS.
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    Direwolf20 1.7.10 (Creative) - How to get one line of Bees

    Bee NBT data changes with every generation. You'll need to either make the AE buses fuzzy or use a different pipe system that can ignore NBT data.
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    1.0.2: MFR TE Recipes not configured properly

    The first set is the correct one, the second is left over from the outdated configs FTB uses and no longer works. Since FTB hasn't made any other changes to the config file it might be simpler to just delete the config file, let the mod recreate it at next run and then change the recipe set...
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    1.0.2: Oak Wood Planks don't Vanilla

    Disabling the mod NoMoreRecipeConflict should resolve this. For whatever reason its removing oak wood from the ore dictionary for a few people.
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    1.0.2: 1.0.2 vanilla potions not in NEI

    Not a bug. The mod INPureCore removes them from showing up in NEI.
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    Direwolf20 1.7.10 Help, Venting and Discussion Thread

    Bedrockium Drum. It's a little expensive at 174960 cobble, 54 diamonds, 4 gold, and 7 iron, but it holds a truly ridiculous amount (65,536 buckets) of a single fluid in a 1x1 space.
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    1.0.2: Tconstruct paper tool rod w/flux capacitor

    Not a bug but poorly documented feature. TiCo items have to have at least 1k durability to use a flux modifier, more if you want to use a higher tier of flux cell/capacitor. How much redstone did you put on it? If you've got 150 and 1 moss you've used your 4 base modifier slots.
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    Bug Anyone else experiencing a NEI 1.7 glitch?

    WAILA causes the lockup due to a bug in hooking into NEI's item filter and thus locks up NEI when you switch from search mode to filter mode. Manually updating WAILA to 1.5.5 should fix the issue with NEI locking up.
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    1.0.1: PneumaticCraft Chopper Plants taking over

    Seems to be fixed in the pnumaticcraft version in the 1.0.2 version of the pack. Looks like config options to disable shedding were added as well.
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    Agrarian Skys help, venting, and discussion thread

    Oops, looks like I gave the ones for the quest in For the Hording. Well, I hope someone found that useful at least. >_> Been awhile since I did that one but it looks like the ones for the bragging rights quest are granum, meto, and the primals, with the exception of perdito.
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    Direwolf20 1.7.10 Help, Venting and Discussion Thread

    Maybe I didn't explain it well enough before? So heres a picture. Red alloy needs to be run up onto the solid block behind, or really any side, of the drawbridge so it powers that block which will then power the drawbridge. Ender IO insulated redstone conduit can be used too, but you have to...
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    Direwolf20 1.7.10 Help, Venting and Discussion Thread

    Try running the redstone signal on the block behind the drawbridge instead of directly on the drawbridge.
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    Playing with mods: Taking over Vanilla

    Its been awhile since I played with it but Terrafirmacraft does what you're looking for although its not really compatible with other mods. You'd have your work cut out for you creating new recipes in minetweaker to get things like MFR to work.
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    Direwolf20 1.7.10 Help, Venting and Discussion Thread

    Pick him up with the bell and and place him down again by clicking him on the furnace bit instead of the ground, then use the bell to designate the rows of jars. That should get him working.