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    1.0.1: Server crash after deleting corrupt chunk

    Version: 1.0.1 What is the bug: Someone from our server placed down a Filler while no one else was online. After a couple of seconds, the server crashed, so we decided to delete the chunks the Filler was affecting, and it seemed to have worked for a couple of seconds. Now I'm getting another...
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    1.0.1: JourneyMap causes any keypress to crash minecraft completely

    Version: 1.0.1 What is the bug: Pressing any key while in game, SSP or SMP, causes minecraft to crash including F3 and ESC. Mod & Version: JourneyMap 5.0.0 R2 Unlimited log: Can it be repeated: Unknown, might be related...
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    Windows .exe FTB Unleashed - Unable to connect to my server

    I did that but I still can't connect. The only thing I can think of is a firewall problem since I can connect to his server just fine, but we can't connect to mine. I'll try again in a couple of hours. Maybe hamachi is bugging out.
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    Windows .exe FTB Unleashed - Unable to connect to my server

    The problem - I am running my own private Unleashed server with a couple of friends of mine. I've been running it just fine for 2 weeks or more weeks now, including this morning. I just got back from work today to find that my friends are unable to connect to the server all, they get a "End of...
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    FTB Unleashed - Movement Bug

    The problem/bug: This is the le old Movement bug where your character keeps on moving in one direction even when the said button isn't being pressed. This occurs on almost any movement type buttons meaning W, A, S, D, Shift (Sneaking), and Space (Jumping). This also happened on FTB Ultimate and...