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    Whitelist Server Fusion-Servers |Private/Public Servers | FTB Infinity | 1.3.4 | No Banned Items |

    IGN: symphonicx Age:16 I consider my Self pretty mature for my Age =] Timezone: Central us :) (Optional) Extra info: I wanna Join The community too help new players out im kinda good with mods so hopefully i can help new peeps :)
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    Whitelist Server OTEGamers |FTB INFINITY - 1.4.0 | 64G RAM | TS3 | Great Community | Fast Whitelist |

    In-Game Name: symphonicx What are you looking for in the server? A friendly Whitelisted community and mature players :) How long have you been playing Minecraft? 4 years What experience do you have with Modded MC? Umm i don't Have a Sweet spot... im Good With alot of things.. i like Too mess...
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    Whitelist Server InfinityCraft|FTB Infinity 1.2.0|Whitelist|24/7 DEDI|14GB.

    IGN (minecraft username):symphonicx Skype (pref):Do Not Wanna Share publicly i will pm if Needed. Age:15 Where do you live? (Country):United States Timezone:Central How long have you been playing mods?:2 Years Why do you want to play on the server?:Cause i like Whitelisted server Less Trollers...
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    Open Server Tidal Wave Gaming Unleashed v1.1.7 [mytown][keepinventory][BoP&more]

    Wow great Server Having too much fun on it! community is GREAT!