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    Whitelist Server [CLOSED FOR NOW] Hardly MineCrack | MindCrack [8.2][Ess][Shops][Whitelist][No Lag][UK based server]

    Name:Coolwhip3 Age:13 Country(or continent if you prefer to stay super anonymous ) :canada Are you familliar with the mods in the FTB launcher? :i am familiar with some of the bigger mods like IC2 and buildcraft and i do enjoy beekeeping Do you like griefing?(ITSATRAP) :definitly not! Why do you...
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    Need help!

    I am using optifine
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    Whitelist Server Industrial Nation|Mindcrack|Whitelisted|Community SMP |15 slots open

    Age:13(Don't judge me by my age i am very mature.) First name:Jacob In-game name:Coolwhip3 Do you have mic:No Timezone:Eastern Why should we pick you:It will add a new mature member to your server and i will help out people who need help, i am also experienced in FTB Other info:I have been...
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    Need help!

    Whenever i play FTB the textures of new blocks that FTB adds either turns invisible or changes to a normal mincraft texture. I use the default texture pack but i tried switching texture packs but i still get the same problem. Could someone please help me i really want to play FTB.