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    Mac problems with ultimate

    hello there, so i have been trying to join a server on FTB Ultimate but i havnt been able to join so here is my problem my launcher lanches fine the mod pack downloads fine it loads fine it shows the home screen fine ... but when i click on the server and try and join it gets stuck on the loggin...
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    Whitelist Server EuropeanBeast [mindcrack | lastest version (8.2.0 currently)| whitelist | EU | small community |17+]

    Age : 21 IGN (in game name) : Xtony_starX Country | Timezone: U.S.A umm damn i forgot lol its like (wst) or something im in the wester sea board of the us Skype : sorry dont give it out on forums gotta ask me personaly lol Why should we add you to the whitelist : im looking for a small community...
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    Whitelist Server Ocelot Inc. | Mindcrack pack | Whitelist | Hard | 18+

    Ingame name: Xtony_starX Age: 21 Timezone: ummm crud lol im on the western seaboard of the usa thats like (wst) or something like that right lol i forget those things (Optional) Minecraft forum user name: Xtony_starX i belive lol (Optional) Do you have a microphone and are you willing to join...
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    Whitelist Server PulseGaming| MindCrack FTB server | NO WHITELIST | MyTown!

    hey there ummm idk if you guys are accepting new members atm but i was wondering if i may be whitelisted the name is Xtony_starX im 21 im not to shaby with the mods umm ya lol
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    Whitelist Server GFgaming [FTB Mindcrack v8.3.2 [25 slots] [Anti-Grief] [PvE][Nothing disabled]

    Username: Xtony_starX Age(Optional): 21 Experience with mods?: bout a year with vanilla and prolly 2-3 months with mindcrack .... not that im any good lol but im still learning XD Do you accept our rules?: why yes, yes i do
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    Whitelist Server Ichoriya - whitelist - no restrictions - mature (18+)

    IGN - Xtony_starX Age - 21 Location - u.s.a About you - imma fun guy i tend to talk alot but not to the point of annoyance im still learning to build alot of the machines but i am getting better loking for a small group of peeps to build with and help out
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    my launcher is having problems

    idk how to or i would
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    my launcher is having problems

    Dark_Arkon i managed to fix my problem but im not going to attempt to add any mods to my ftb but to get it back to normal you have to search your files and and delete everything related to FTB even the launcher restart the comp re-download the launcher and start from scratch but thats what i did...
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    Whitelist Server Llama Mindcrack - 1.4.7. V8.0.1 - (Mytown)(Essentials)(Whitelist)(Survival)(Voluntary PvP) 20 slots

    Ll4m4.... So i found out about mumble but what is the mumble server IP thingy? Same as the servers IP?
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    my launcher is having problems

    im haveing a problem with all of the mods ... none of them will download i'v tried setting the download site to my desktop and even deep in my computer to where i have to dig for it to find it nothing yet though :/
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    my launcher is having problems

    hey everyone im having trouble and maby you can help... im a mac user and i recently want to join a server that had two mods added to mindcrack ... mystcraft and sgcraft. i downloaded the file they had available and attempted to insert it into FTB but i messed up and now i have a problem. FTB...
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    Whitelist Server RippleCraft [v8.01] [TeamSpeak] [Survival] [Active][NewMap]

    1. Age : 21 2. IGN : Xtony_starX 3. How long have you been playing the MindCrack Pack? : 5-6 months 4. What do you plan to really do on the server? : be a boss XD jk play have fun make friends couph couph be a boss XP 5. Have you ever been banned on a server? : nope :D 6. If yes, please leave...
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    Whitelist Server Llama Mindcrack - 1.4.7. V8.0.1 - (Mytown)(Essentials)(Whitelist)(Survival)(Voluntary PvP) 20 slots

    umm is there a reason its down? iv been waiting for a while to get back on
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    Whitelist Server Llama Mindcrack - 1.4.7. V8.0.1 - (Mytown)(Essentials)(Whitelist)(Survival)(Voluntary PvP) 20 slots

    IGN?: Xtony_starX Quest?: to find a great community and maby find a minecraft (FTB) buddy to build and explore with Favorite Color?: deep ocean Blue XD Age: 21 Country: U.S. of A's Skill/Knowledge level on FTB: umm im still kinda learning cause i havnt found a server i like and can trust but im...