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    Whitelist Server OzCraft | 1.2.1 Whitelist | Mature + Experienced players (25+)

    Name: Xenogami Age: 32 Location: Wisconsin How much you play: 1-2 hours a day if i can What DW20 mods are you interested in using?: All of them? Mainly tech mods like immersive engineering, but quality of life items from magic mods like ring of magnetization from Botania What will you be...
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    Whitelist Server Empyrean DireWolf20 1.7 | Minimum Plugins | No griefing | No banned Items

    IGN: Xenoami Age: 30 Why would you like to join?: I feel I have reached a limit on what I can do on SMP. I want to see new ideas and new ways to do things. What do you feel you could contribute to the server: I have been playing moded minecraft for years. There is almost nothing I cant...
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    FTB T-Shirts etc now available.

    I would like to see posters or framed art.
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    IGN: Xenogami How old are you?: 28 How long have you been playing feed the beast?: Around 6 months Would you say your best attribute is Technical Knowledge, Mining, Creativity?: Creativity. I love building large themed structures like theaters and night clubs. Have you ever been banned? If so...
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    Whitelist Server North-Craft[Direwolf 1.7.10]|Plugins|Grief-Protection|No-PvP/No-Grief|

    Minecraft Username: Xenogami Age: 28 Time Zone/Country? Central Time/USA How many hours a week do you think you'll be on? 15-20 Why do YOU want to join: I have never played SMP and wanted to find a good server where I don't need to worry about hours/days of work diapering while I sleep. How...