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    More 1.7.10 Updates

    @Thomas Junker I think the only good and stable 1.7 pack out there that I know of (my knowledge can be limited) is the Bevo pack, and he's put tons and tons of time and effort into getting up and running and stable, and only now is it at a point where you can start playing it without too much...
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    Not so weekly news

    Monster is now officially frozen at 1.1.2 with no new upcoming version to fix the remaining major bugs?
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    Important Announcement

    Don't worry folks. Eya would never give up on you.
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    The slightly overdue updates

    Maybe I am a bit tired today :), but M3 refers to Monster in this case?
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    What are the Worst crimes you have done in FTB

    Woa you are right, after relogging the normal smeltery works too now, I think that's because I didn't have enough molten iron in there the 1st time I tried.
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    What are the Worst crimes you have done in FTB

    Mmm the recovery speed seems to be very fast but for some reason my smeltery doesnt dmg the villager ... not does it even dmg me .. something seems to be weird with the Monster 1.0.9 config Edit: seems that there is now a nether smeltery and that it must be used for the villager thing. And yep...
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    What are the Worst crimes you have done in FTB

    Would Geostrata's Potion Crystals (Regen III) have enough range if you make a smeltery that's only one layer high with the crystals on top? Mmmm, so tempted to try that.
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    Monster and Dye Trees and Dye Trees?

    Seriously??? Nice! Are the exact parameters of that effect (radius and/or amount of reduction) documented on your web page? Nm, I will go check :) Edit: looks like it's not documented *sad face*
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    Silly monkey wrench, building I am.

    Silly monkey wrench, building I am.
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    A week of nothing

    I saw that :P
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    Blood Magic Discussion [1.6]

    I got a little question about spells. I was about to start dabbling in the mod today and took a look at the wiki for what the spells could do. It's easy enough to see what needs to be done to prepare the spells and what items have an effect in general. However, nowhere is it said what item...
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    Unsupported Monster 1.6.4 Bug Reports

    Mod Pack: Monster 1.0.4 Mod & Version: Mimetics 1.3.5 Pastebin link to crash log: Whats the bug? Placing a upheaver block in the world crashes the client. Can it be repeated? Every time in both SSP and SMP, with all types of the upheaver block. Known Fix...
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    [64x] Soartex Fanver - Smooth and Clean FTB

    According to the change logs, that team made commits only a few days ago, so they are still working on it for certain.
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    [64x] Soartex Fanver - Smooth and Clean FTB

    Although the direct download link doesn't function anymore, the texture patcher (1.2) still seem to function. You might need to manually select the mods you need though, the Direwolf20 pack that you can select from the File menu is the v1, I think. And the...
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    Important - For Users of Direwolf20_1_5 Modpack - Urgent feedback needed.

    you also have to also a must : set the world type in the file it needs to be set to BIOMESOP or your world will be plain vanilla
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    New Mod Packs ***Released***

    I know its been said tons of times, and a quick search on the forums would have given you your answer, but I will say it nonetheless for brevity. - Redpower : nobody knows. What everybody suspects though (at least its my opinion), is that it will never be ever be updated ever again. Some...
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    New Mod Packs ***Released***

    Additional precision on Xycraft compatibilities in addition to the fluid changes in Forge : I believe it was also mentioned on twitter that Soaryn is changing how he handles block IDs (it's been a while since he mentioned that one). He's aiming at reducing the number of IDs he uses to only a few...
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    Mod Pack Update

    Dude, health 1st. Go to sleep.
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    Reorder of modpacks

    FTB stated a few times recently that the 1.5.2 pack will not be compatible with the 'old' Ultimate for Minecraft 1.4.7 pack. And that the soon to be released and yet unnamed 1.5.2 pack will most likely not be compatible with any future Minecraft 1.6 pack. The only way to keep your world will...
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    Mod Pack Update

    Is that me or is there an underwater village in your screenshot?