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    FTB Beyond Release

    No Mekanism really is despressing, the fact it's in the "lite" pack but not in the full pack is puzzling. I was really hoping Mekanism would be the late game expert mode ore processing setup. Erm.. I don't think you understand how the new combat works... If you are just spamming your sword you...
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    Do we know anything about FTB Beyond?

    Do we know anything about FTB Beyond other than it should be out this month? Main things I'd like to know: - Is there a mod list yet? - Do we know if they are using AE2 or Refined Storage? My gut says AE2 but considering a recent poll had 59% of people preferring Refined Storage who knows? -...
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    Feedback needed - Regarding FTB Infinity lite 1.10

    If someone can't understand the differences between Infinity 1.7/Infinity 1.10/etc, then they will find something else to be confused about even if you change the name. It'll also confuse them even more when they can't figure out how to do a simple folder rename. It's not hard to state "Infinity...
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    Nothing came of this? 4 days later, no updates or any new information about it?
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    What will be the next ultimate FTB sandbox?

    Less is more is a fast way of doing things. Expert mode is the proper way. I don't see anything beating Infinity Evolved Expert for quite some time. It has almost all the good mods, and practically everything has a use at some point. I hope that they start developing a similar pack for 1.9 right...
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    FTB Infinity Evolved Immersive Engineering Power Broken?

    My water mills using MV cables to a redstone energy cell work fine on my server. I would imagine the dynamos aren't getting power. You have to click the wind mills onto them correctly. If you place it wrong, it'll look right but won't work.
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    Those little things that irk you about Minecraft

    1) Multiple mods having the same ore/ore dust. Process machines in IC? Get IC2 ores. Process in TE? Get TE ores. Process in Mekanism? Get Mekanism ores. By now, I feel like there would be a way to fix it. 2) Recipes that require dust of any kind, whether it be obsidian, ore, or coal. So...
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    Share your progress on Infinity Evolved Expert Mode

    I have everything I need to start AE, just waiting for that 128 iridium to finish up. I'm at 38 right now, but all other parts are made. The ME controller is easily the hardest thing i've ever made in minecraft. The requirements are insane, and until you really start attempting to make it you...
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    Ingeous Extruder > JABBA Barrel I found the exact cause, so if this happens to anyone else I posted there how to fix it.
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    Share your progress on Infinity Evolved Expert Mode

    The TC recipe for endstone is disabled on expert, or it was for us. Pearls wouldn't melt down. However, you can melt down endermen by capturing them (I think it gave us 1250mB worth, which is a lot of endstone). Get a watering can and do it manually. The 3 seeds you need can easily be gotten...
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    Ingeous Extruder > JABBA Barrel

    Using my 2 hour old backup save that is working... I cheated in the same setup: Ingeous extruder > cobble to barrel > Recycler with pull/push upgrade > mass fab with pull/push fluid upgrade > replicator > Pattern storage > scanner. Then I scanned Iridium. All barrel broken again, across the...
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    Ingeous Extruder > JABBA Barrel

    I rolled my server back in 30 minute increments, the barrels work if I roll the server back about 2 hours. It's a backup right before I drop down the mass fab and replicator. The only thing I did in those 2 hours was craft and place down the Mass Fab/Replicator/Pattern Storage/Scanner machines...
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    Ingeous Extruder > JABBA Barrel

    Nah, not that... However, I just realized everything related to barrels on my server is now messed up. Nothing will insert into barrels (enderIO, TE machines, itemducts, etc). All my automation has halted suddenly. I tried restarting the server and it did not fix it. Running FTB Infinity 2.1.2...
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    Ingeous Extruder > JABBA Barrel

    I had my Igneous Extruder making cobble and putting it into a Jabba Barrel. Now it doesn't, no matter what I try. Put a chest in the barrels place, works fine, put even an empty barrel there, and nothing. Tried breaking the block multiple times. What gives? Any idea why it's not working now?
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    Expert mode - per server?

    It's server wide, a player can't just cheat his way via normal mode on a expert mode server. You realize that tools having a durability of 1 is an incredible minor part of the overall changes. If that stumps you, then you won't get anywhere in expert mode because 90% of the recipes are much...
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    Tinker's weapons/tools still taking durability with flux capacitors?

    Well that would explain it. I'm dying a lot of expert mode because I can't just rush to OP armor. I'm also playing on hard difficulty.
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    Share your progress on Infinity Evolved Expert Mode

    100% safe if you set it up right, which is surprisingly easy, zero chance of explosion. First ever reactor for me. They only take 1 block of space for a basic setup. The only way it'd blow up is if you pull something out while it's running, so I didn't even bother setting up blast protection...
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    Share your progress on Infinity Evolved Expert Mode

    The mattock is the only tinker weapon that the farming station accepts, but it can hoe and cut trees so it does everything. Make the thing out of paper, however use obsidian for the shovel or axe head (not both). It should have a base of Reinforced III with 5 modifiers. Add two more modifiers...
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    Share your progress on Infinity Evolved Expert Mode

    Been playing a lot lately... I made my first resonate machine frame, requiring a massive 50 million RF to make. It took about 3 hours with 4 lasers going 100%. Couldn't make more lasers, or i'd risk draining my entire network. I ended up making a nuclear reactor providing 100EU/t. Many of the...