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    Forums at lower window width

    Your buttons, links, and search bar at the top should line wrap for smaller window sizes. Instead I get this when I half page it. firefox with no script and adblock plus, (disabled on the feed the beast website.) At the very least please move stuff out of the way from the forum quicknav so...
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    lp to autocraft with the assembly table?

    I'm new to lp and I wanted to use it to extend my AE system into liquid crafting and other areas that AE has trouble with. If you have a good setup/build with lp for the assembly table, induction smelter, and filling frames and conduits please share.
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    news tab

    the news tab needs word wrap, and or allow the launcher's window size to be adjustable. edit: scaling down the images to fit into the window would also help.
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    Got rooms/builds with Amber Blocks? post them~

    go go go
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    Suggestion for AE

    If possible please allow the user the option to format a disk or storage bus by selecting a mod off list rather then have the user place every single item individually.
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    AE item overflow protection systems...

    How to?
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    melee turtle stats...

    I've been looking on the various wiki's for documentation on this but I couldn't find anything, hence the post. The question: What is the difference between a melee turtle made with a diamond sword and a melee turtle made with a rp2 gemd sword? (other then visual) Thanks
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    other then turtle scripting is there any other way to build old world edit schematics into an ftb map? sounds like something that be perfect for the "builder" especially large schematics like...
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    thermal expansion conduits and liquiducts

    Any chance that these will be compatible with BC Facade covers, and able to accept logic gates, or come up with something similar to both?