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    Whitelist Server [24/7] SMP.SO || FTB v8 MINDCRACK || WHITELIST || 4 GB || Small Community

    Name: traviscaruth Age: 22 Country: US Mic: yeah How active are you: with the server im on now, i've slowed down; but when it was super active, daily. Have you been banned somewhere in the last 6 months (Explain why if you were): nope Do you plan to use voice chat when we get one: probably...
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    Greylist Server Aurora 24/7[MindCrack][GreyList][LWC][Essentials][Pex][WorldGuard][50 slots]

    Username: traviscaruth Age: 22 Why you want to join: the server i have been playing on is pretty much abandoned (if i wanted singleplayer, i'd play singleplayer) Suggestions: i really like the idea of community builds, and wouldnt mind helping to set some of that up How much experience do you...