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    [1.0.0] Modular Armour - Now configurable!

    Potion upgrade :)
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    Mod Feedback Gendustry custom hive spawning system - request for comments

    Looks great to me, love your configs. :)
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    [1.0.0] Modular Armour - Now configurable!

    Is it possible to disable some upgrades completely without having to put bedrock or something in their recipe?
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    [1.0.0] Modular Armour - Now configurable!

    Ohh ok, I missed that. Should clicking an item on the list to the left show the information for it in the recipes UI? Currently clicking a list item seems to do nothing. Other than that, maybe have have some way of showing if an upgrade is already added from the list (maybe remove it from the...
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    [1.0.0] Modular Armour - Now configurable!

    (Bit of a random ramble, but wanted to get my feedback/ideas/points across, take from it what you will. :)) My opinions/feedback with 1.0.0: Under recipes, the list goes off the left: There are some duplicate entries (like that long general protection string...
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    More news about FTB's Future. (Important announcement)

    Not saying I'm keen on the idea at all, but the profit (/left over money) will be split, or at least donated between the modders right? If I understand correctly, they're the reason FTB is what it is today.
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    RP2 Microblocks and Glass Panes.

    Could a glass slab from the inside give the same effect?
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    What server plugins do you think you count live without

    1.4.2 ForgeBukkit (AlphaA has picked up development) has been released - :)
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    These are required for administration

    How long have you used it for? I've had so many issues with it, so have most plugin authors. Even from it not handling permissions correctly to reloading PEX in-game not even processing correctly.
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    These are required for administration

    I would recommend against PEX, here's why: And.. PEX causes a lot of issues you may not even be aware of, I've...