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    1.0.1: DW20 1.0.1 Thaumcraft Void Jar bug

    Version: 1.0.1 What is the bug: Thaumcraft golems with the alchemy animation core don't seem to want to put Essentia into void jars. The distance is not an issue, I removed the void jar from my system and replaced it with a normal warded jar and it worked fine. I also tested with all types...
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    1.0.1: DW20 1.0.1 - AE2 Quartz Fiber bug

    Version: 1.0.1 What is the bug: The Quartz Fiber cables from AE2, meant to transfer only power, don't seem to be working. I have copied a build using them to power a p2p network in FTB unstable to my DW20 world, and it is broken. I have definitely concluded that the system lacks power, and...
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    1.0.0: DW20 not starting up Getting the same issue, just started this morning for me (8:00 EST). Last night is was working fine
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    {Alpha} Unstable Pack: Bug Reports

    Game suddenly started crashing with no apparent cause. I hadn't done anything before the game crashed and now it crashes shortly after loading the world (I can see my hot bar breifly). Here's my crash log if anyone is willing to take a look. I am aware that no tech support is being offered, but...