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    Mod Feedback [1.6.4|1.7.10|1.10.2] Santa's Mini Mods

    I haven't logged in for like a year and I get an alert about this in my email. Kinda funny, it was the only ftb alert i got from this thread even though the thread has posts from just a month ago.
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    [1.7.10][TECH][NO RF OR EU] Industrialization

    Yea, sorry about this. Really busy and more than half of my summer has been without internet access.
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    RC/ReC/ElC/CC Policy Changes

    Then that person, or you, shouldn't be making modpacks, lol.
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    RC/ReC/ElC/CC Policy Changes

    That could be interpreted in many ways. I support you in most things Reika. Just keep this in mind: There is literally nothing anyone could do to stop me from robbing my neighbors house. If I decide to rob it, I can. No-one can stop me. No-one. If I choose to break and enter someones house, I...
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    "Under the radar mods"

    No. There would not be balancing problems for me at all. It would be a pack I would just throw together to play with, not a high end modpack.
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    "Under the radar mods"

    I need to look around the Japanese and Chinese forums a bit more.
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    "Under the radar mods"

    Mekanism + RoC trio + Ic2 and gregtech That would be an interesting pack... Now, on topic: The star miner mod. It made a very small appearance in 1.6.4 but nothing in 1.7.X. That's mostly because you can't have it in modpack, but it's still awesome IMO...
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    FTB Departed Discussion

    @goreae I haven't started playing yet. I'm still going to try and "beat" the pack with no deaths. :) Most likely I'm going to fail in the first 5 minutes.
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    FTB Town Hall - May 29th

    Interesting... Interesting...
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    Request Mod allowing higher than 32 view distance?

    The incredible, almost intolerable, amount of truth and realism in that statement is something that few people seem to understand. (From my life experiences) In an attempt to be on topic; a quick google search shows nothing, and I think you might be out of luck on that as that is something...
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    Real life Minecraft moments

    That's what she said when I told my mom what I was thinking... I had too.
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    Real life Minecraft moments

    When My mom talks about visiting Niagara Falls and I wonder how cool it would be to swim up the "fall" part, then realize psychics, mainly gravity, don't work that way...
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    Real life Minecraft moments

    You don't know when you get banned. You just... will Nnever remember anything. You wont even know you existed. You will not ever have existed in the first place.
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    Recent Events Discussion (RED) Thread

    Probably, it just seems irritating for some reason.
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    What's new in modded minecraft today?

    That is incredibly annoying, I would probably stab my computer if I had to play with that. Not really sure why, but it's is seriously irritating my eyes...
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    What's new in modded minecraft today?

    I was testing to see if a tnt cannon worked for factions. ;) I never really even played vanilla, true vanilla mind you.
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    Members: They make FTB staff lose count

    -{0x0(-0-0)+0/0} ________________ -0 No divide by zero errors for me
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    (Linux) Why is being able to modify your OS helpful?

    I can't really answer you on that, except that Linux supposedly uses significantly less resources compared to most other modern/popular OS's. Sadly, I can't dual boot ubuntu/linux alongside windows. (Microsoft being retarded @$$holes and having UEFI and secure boot (I can't disable them on my...
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    What's new in modded minecraft today?

    Just idle musing; but, I feel like minecraft has fully transferred over to a game engine now. With plugins, mods, ect. I haven't booted up a vanilla world in about 8-9 months. In an attempt to make my musings not be super off-topic, just look at this craziness. (This...
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    Mod Updator For Custom Modpacks

    You learn new things every day!