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    Whitelist Server KingdomKraft[24/7][White-listed][Dedicated][MindCrack]

    White-list Application - Player name:jbellinger - Do you agree to the rules(yes or no): yes - Other info:see you on the server
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    Whitelist Server Arelia FTB | Mindcrack 8.3.2 | A friendly community server! | Expensive Recipes Disabled!

    Holy crap dude! You responded in under a minute.... That's impressive. Btw thx.
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    Whitelist Server Arelia FTB | Mindcrack 8.3.2 | A friendly community server! | Expensive Recipes Disabled!

    My in-game name: jbellinger How long I have been playing Minecraft: since before 1.7.3 (the good ol' times) How long I have been playing Feed the Beast: for about 6 months My favourite mods in the Mindcrack FTB pack are: thermal expansion, ic2, and forestry The thing I enjoy most about the game...
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    Whitelist Server CommunityCraft [16+] [Friendly] [BRANDNEW]

    Whitelist Application: 1) Minecraft username? Jbellinger 2) Why do you want to play on our server? Because I'm looking for a great community to play with. 3) What can you contribute to our server? I'm pretty knowledgable about ftb. I've been playing for 6 months and that is just ftb! I also...
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    Whitelist Server Come and make friends and have fun MINDCRACK MOD PACK.

    Application Info IGN jbellinger Age 19 Extra Info (not mandatory) I <3 ftb Oh and pickle
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    Greylist Server EliteCraft - [1.4.7][MindCrack v8][Greylist][Survival][50 Slots]

    “In Game Name: jbellinger Age: 19 Do you agree to our rules and regulations?: yes Do you take 100% responsibility to your Minecraft Account?: yes
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    Whitelist Server XclusiCraft|FTB Version 8.1.1|Whitelist |Searching for 1-3 members

    Whitelist application: Age: 19 How Long have you been playing FTB: 6 months IGN: jbellinger Why should I accept you: because I believe that having a small tight group of players is a lot better than a 100 slot server.
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    Whitelist Server iCraft [Mindcrack Pack][8.0.1][Recorded][White-listed][Hard]

    Application: IGN: jbellinger Age: 19 Youtube Channel: awesomesnake88, I don't post yet though Experience With FTB: been playing for 6 months, I know what in doing. Why You Would Like To Join:sounds like fun. And it seems like there is a good level of communication throughout the whole server.
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    Whitelist Server Zayter's Mindcrack[Whitelist][4 free slots atm][small server][No Gregtech]

    Application Minecraft Name: Jbellinger Country: US How long have you been playing: for a solid 6 months at least. How often do you think you will play and when GMT (hours a day): at bare minimum an hour. I normally average about 2-4 hours though Favorite mod: thermal expansion/forestry Age:19...
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    Whitelist Server Gamer's FTB Server [Few Slots] [Friendly]

    Age: 19 Experience with mods/FTB?: yes, i've been playing for a while now. Is your English acceptable and easy to understand? Yes it is my first language Do you accept our rules?: of coarse
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    Whitelist Server Cloverfield EU | FTB Mindcrack v8.0.1 | Whitelist | Mature 18+ | Low slots

    Hey hows it going? My name is Troy and i'm 19. i'm also kind of a minecraft addict, especially FTB. I absolutely love the technical aspect of the mod pack and how each of the individual machines fit together to make what ever you want. I know in normal minecraft the possibilities are endless...
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    Whitelist Server OwnedCraft|MindcrackV8|Whitelist|13 slots|Hardmode off

    IGN:Jbellinger Name:Troy Age: 17 (Estimated) Time spent playing FTB:been playing for 4-5 months List of mods you have knowledge on: IC2, Forestry, Thaumcraft, redpower, factorization, thermal expansion, greg tech. Why I should accept you: I'm a helpful person who would like to work on some...
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    Whitelist Server [1.4.6]|{InfinityMC}|Mindcrack|Whitelist|100 Slots 8gb Ram|New Server!

    Jbellinger 17 Since tell it started I live in the us and love minecraft Before 1.7.3 No, I've never been banned
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    Whitelist Server HavenCraft 'Reborn' | CLOSED | Archive

    Age: 17 In-game Name: jbellinger Have you fully read and understood the rules?: yes Motivate us why we should whitelist you: I want to play on a server with good people. I like the idea of a small community. Why do you want to join us?: see above. Do you have any previous bans?: no If answered...