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    Whitelist Server FireCraft | FTB Unleashed (v1.1.4) | Whitelisted | No Greifing | Survival | PVP

    IGN: IHaveNoExcuse Age: 23* FTB Experience: Intermediate Activity Level: Between 1-7 hours a day if the server is friendly and runs well Timezone / Country: US, MST
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    FTB Launcher not downloading the mods

    Nice, thank you. That worked great. :)
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    FTB Launcher not downloading the mods

    I've already tried to reinstall the launcher, about 3 times actually. I even manually deleted the FTBBETAA and ftblauncher folders once just to make sure. Is there something else I should be deleting?
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    FTB Launcher not downloading the mods

    Yeah, I even started a map just to see if that had anything to do with it, and nothing :( Same here, started this morning for me as well, after I installed the newest FTB update.
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    FTB Launcher not downloading the mods

    I'm having the same problem. I have tried reinstalling multiple times (including from the link in your sig, Ashzification) and I have had no luck. It says it's installing the modpack and it takes a good 20 minutes to do so, but once it's all said and done there are no mods there. I checked the...
  6. I | Premium FTB Server

    IGN: IHaveNoExcuse Where you heard about the server: On this message board Why you would like to play on the server: I've always wanted to play with mods but I dislike single player and I could never find a good modded server. I like the sound of this server because of the rules and the...
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    DrillCraft [1.4.2][Whitelist]

    Ingame Name: IHaveNoExcuse Age: 22 Experience with Mods: I have played around with... um... that "other" mod pack before, and then I read a bunch of stuff about it and haven't used it since. Other than that I have used Industrial Craft, Extra Biomes XL and Mo' Creatures. I never really got...