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    Could use some inputs and ideas for building modpack

    If you can get all mods on curseforge you even get a easy way to distribute the pack if you plan to put up world downloads. Curse/Twitch has builtin pack sharing mechanisms and all mods hosted on curseforge have to allow usage of that feature T&C of curseforge
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    Nether going to give you up

    Small tip for the XP and metals: look into the loot you got from the grave maze. with some clever machinery you can shortcut quite a few production lines after getting some initial materials.
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    rhn's continued adventures: a build journal, guide collection etc.

    was easy to fix after seeing the real message to use a certain forge version. then it was fixed. and goin back on reika's mods is impossible. only the latest one is available online
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    rhn's continued adventures: a build journal, guide collection etc.

    Found thze offender. Its reika's DragonLIB crashing with a ClassDefNotFOundError on a nilla Minecraft class when the forge version is not one of the 2 he/she expects. And the error is buried at the bottom of that crash stack trace. Also: when loading on singleplayer and you get thrown back to...
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    rhn's continued adventures: a build journal, guide collection etc.

    Reposting what i said earlier: was unable to get your modlist to run. got a clientcrash only instead
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    rhn's continued adventures: a build journal, guide collection etc.

    noticed that 3.3f from nuts & bolts isn't available on technic launcher anymore, only up to 3.3d Also: adding the filelist as a text-list, too would make comparing the files easier for some ppl Edit2: Reika's mods (Rotarycraft, chromaticraft and Electricraft aren't obtainable in your version)
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    Early Game Easy INFINITE Power Generation! [400% RF/cycle]

    had both configured as push+pull on the side facing the other. until i found that out i had used a filtered item conduit as a kludge. Also for me the trick is only used as backup-power and as a infinite lava source for low-throughput machines
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    Sharing my FTB Beyond experience.

    IIRC the modd dev programmed them in a way different than regular explosions so they erase blocks directly instead of going the vanilla explosion way
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    Early Game Easy INFINITE Power Generation! [400% RF/cycle]

    Thanks for that one with fooling the Thermodynamics laws. ALways helps for early-game quarrying when you got no solar in the deep dark.
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    Maybe the only way would decoding it into binary and transferring 4 signals acros dimensions and then re-analogizing it
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    Problem dimensional shard ore

    Or a fortune quarry in a builder mining the shards ore placed by a different builder. (did that once for all stuff that only works with F3)
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    Learning AE2 n hav'n Fun!

    Or sneak in some Ad-Hoc networks/subnetworks to avoid using many channels from main network.. Used that for my processor automation (the raw processors are stored in a small Ad-Hoc network before being sent to the final inscriber merging em with the silicon, it also ensures that there aren't too...
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    I live here now

    Same. needed a tree farm in my base but Forestry is a little bit too "boring", rigged up something with AE2 (item routing), RFTools (multiple Builders for mining (had to avoid some tech at the first layer above trees on autoremoveing) and replacing dirt that gets stripped by the tree roots) ...
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    Direwolf20 1.4.1 - Best illuminating options?

    regarding C&B: instead of whacking off and reapplying blocks a pattern in impose mode allows to patch in bits even in the innards of a block
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    I Derp, You Derp, We all Derp, What's your's?

    Rushing back to base and then falling down a ravine that just waited behind a tree while being chased by some mobs....
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    Need advice on the best way to host

    Server pack DL is also available on the curse website page of the pack. (each pack file there has a +1 more button on it where the server files reside
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    Those little things that irk you about Minecraft

    i think you can switch that via a resource pack... (using one to rename repeaters to diodes at my end which allows me to find em by both names due to f3+h)
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    Sky Factory 3 - Void Ore Miner question

    Actually Additions: Atomic Reconstructor with a ore lens converts stone into random ores
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    Dumb Tricks - Dumb/OP Mod Interactions Edition

    naga has a higher killing risk and i never got a safari net to work on em
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    Dumb Tricks - Dumb/OP Mod Interactions Edition

    back in 1.5 packs i remembered a bug to mine Bedrock( either using Portalgun or the Vajra to relocate the anti-builds from Twilight forest near bedrock and PLOP bedrock popping and you can pick it up)