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    Whitelist Server Zerro Skyblock! Agrarian Skies 3.1.1! No banned Items! Whitelist!

    Ingame Name: metalbuster101 Age:25 Timezone: est
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    Private Pack Feed the Machine | 1.7.1 | Custom ModPack | Mature 17+ | Online and stable!

    In-Game Username:metalbuster101 Age:24 What is your Timezone?:US EST Have you ever been banned from any type of Minecraft server?:nope If Yes, why?: How often will you be active in-game? (Hours per Day/Week):4 hours a day almost every day, depends on work really Vanilla Minecraft Experience...
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    Whitelist Server New Crazycraft | Unhinged 1.1.0 | 20 Slots | EU |

    im applying for 2 people IGN: metalbuster101 (me) Age:24 Country:US Why would we want you?:im looking for a new server since my old one is dead, just wana hang out and make some cool stuff and enjoy playing with ya guys I'm aware that BoP and UB are enabled:yup IGN:meach69 (cousin) Age:21...
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    Whitelist Server HazeCraft |Unleashed V1.1.7 | Whitelist | No plugins/banned items | 24 slots | PvE | 18+

    im gonna be applying for 2 people me and my cousin Age:24 IGN: metalbuster101 (me) What is your experience with FTB/mods? been palying since ftb pack came out and played tekkit long before that Where do you reside at (timezone will do)? NC Why do you want to join? looking to join a server, the...
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    Whitelist Server Beast Server - Unleashed 1.1.4 - White-Listed - Mature -Survival - Teampseak

    im applying for 2 people hopefully it will be easyer this way In Game Name:metalbuster101(me) Age: 24 Why you want to join: last server shut down and the owner was an ass, looking for just an awesome place to hang out and relax and just have a good time building and everything Have you been...
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    Whitelist Server |Augmented Reality FTB|Unleashed 1.1.2|Relaxed Whitelist|PvE & PvP|Factions|Dynmap|Teamspeak|12 RAM|

    IGN (In-Game Name): metalbuster101 Why should we whitelist you on our Server?: im looking for a newish server were im not so far behind everyone else and i can just get on a couple hours a day and have a enjoyable time building stuff and yeah Do you understand that breaking any above rules can...
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    Open Server Underground Lounge FTB | Monster 1.0.9 | PvE | Plugins | New World | Active Community

    IGN: metalbuster101 im just looking for a pretty new server to play on where im not so far behind everyone else and just get on for a lil bit each day and enjoy my time and not be constrained to play 5 hours a day or something
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    Whitelist Server AxiomCraft// TPPI! // 24/7 // Plugins // Mature

    Application Details: IGN: metalbuster101 Age:24 Are you new to FTB? nop Why should I add you? im just looking for a new server to play on, i took a lil break from FTB a while back and the server died i was playing on. really just looking for a new server to play and get set up on What are you...
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    Whitelist Server Stormcraft | Ultimate 1.1.2 | Whitelist | Hard Mode | Fresh Map | Ages 16+

    In-Game Name: metalbuster101 Age: 24 Previous experiences with Minecraft: started in beta, played on and off since then Brief paragraph about yourself (2-3 sentences): im 24, going to college and such, work also, started minecraft when it was in beta, played vanilla mostly back then, moved to...
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    Whitelist Server StrawHats • Ultimate Pack • 18+ • Dedicated • EU

    IGN: metalbuster101 Age: 23 Where are you From?: US why do you want to join us?: im looking for a server to play on that supports ultimate pack, there seems to be a lack in them and i really want to find a good one How much do you play?: quite often really, on a normal day probley around 3 hours...
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    Forum Name: leej89 Account(If applicable): metalbuster101 In-Game Name: metalbuster101 Age:23 Why do you want to join KumaCraft?: looking for a nice ftb server that has a mature community and is respectful of each other and everyone else Have you read and understand our...