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    FTB Direwolf 20 1.18 release

    just downloaded a few minutes ago, restarted the pc to get rid of a windows10 update and it s gone... i see im not alone... but not just DW20 modpack...all the featured packs are gone.
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    FTB Revelation and Advanced Rocketry: no planets

    Well.... i understand you Luke and your "ragequit". I did research as well to find what the problem was and solved it. OK, half solved it... I deleted my planetsdef.xml file (the one in the saved worlds folder), then restarting the game creates a new one. But just the moon. I copied the file...
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    FTB revelation moving wand "duplicator"

    Moving wand duplicate things like compact machines or IE workbench and posts... anyone else?
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    FTB Revelation and Advanced Rocketry: no planets

    Can anybody see any planet in the warp controller? First i can't see the moon. Solved. Then can't launch rockets. Solved. Later rockets autolaunch by itself... don't know how... they don't do it anymore. Don't try to fix it if its not broken.... Now i can't see planets.... My general/default...