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  1. J

    Psi Discussion Thread

    Hey Vazkii I have really enjoyed using this mod and I have come up with some suggestions. They are not really what you would call cool, but more the quality of life kind of improvements. When I have played around with it some more, maybe I'll write down some cool suggestions xD but here I go...
  2. J

    Whitelist Server Techiecraft | DW20 v1.1.3| Whitelist | 20 slots |

    I would like to try this server out my ign is: _jhamm_ and i would like playing with my friend his ign is: madslindstrom
  3. J

    Just Another World [FTB mod pack][whitelisted]

    IGN:_jhamm_ 16+ Age?: 16 Agree to the rules?: yes A bit of info about you: i have played with mods in a long time, but i only started doing it often when i watched a direwolf episode. so i know about most of the mods in this pack, and i am really exited to learn more.
  4. J

    Feed The Beast Sphax Addon Pack

    but anyway if anyone is interested here is the texturepack i am gonna keep updating it when i remember to do it unless the owner of this topic is gonna do the same... Edit: it seems like the file gets corrupted everytime i put it into mediafire so just...
  5. J

    Feed The Beast Sphax Addon Pack

    no i havent seen anything like that...
  6. J

    Feed The Beast Sphax Addon Pack

    Hi i have made a sphax texture pack for the newest FTB modpack, so i wanted to ask if i should just post it here or i should post it in a new topic or i should not do anything because you want to do it i have the texture pack working on my computer and everything looks fine (of course there is...