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    A !!FUN!! way to play modded MC: The Front Page Modpack

    Need modded MC variety? Well, do I have a game for you: Play Minecraft with RANDOM MODS. The Front Page Modpack is a modpack you design composed from the mods you can get off of the MCF front page. Now you, too, can be a modpack curator! Interested? Want to read the rules? Find all you need to...
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    What weird cross-mod combos have you found?

    I find using Extra Utilities Cursed Earth with MFR Grinders to be OP as hell. It's nice.
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    DartPatch - MFR Planter/Harvester support for DartCraft

    I'm getting the same bug, and I'm using the most recent versions of both mods. EDIT: I fixed it. Get it at
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    Simple Recycling - GregTech-like tool recycling, without the Greg

    Nice to see a new mod from you, Immibis! I'd really take a look into TE. I, for one, don't have it in my current modpack, but it's certainly popular right now.
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    Biomes O Plenty FPS drop

    It lags for me too when I generate new terrain; I'm assuming that their chunk providing algorithms are slow.
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    How To Remove Mods & What Should I Remove

    Ah, yes, I have some experience with mod-cutting. From FTB, I'd remove Mystcraft, Twilight Forest, Thaumcraft, most of iChun's stuff, Soul Shards, and others like that. I'd also replace BoP with EBXL, just because BoP lags sometimes.
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    Unleashed: Infernal Branch Bees draining IC2 equipment?

    The fire is started for one frame, but then gets put out by the water. The armor, during that one frame, uses energy to prevent damage.
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    Thermal Expansion Status

    Couldn't you just use an AccessTransformer to alter the needed declarations yourself? Or is that kinda underhanded?
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    Thermal Expansion Status

    You do know Forestry has a beta build up on their forums that fixes the engine crashing, right?
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    Thermal Expansion Status

    MFR is open source, you know. If PC doesn't come back (I'm getting more doubtful he will come back every passing day), smarg's fork could even become the accepted one. It's not like MFR was never picked up by anyone else before.
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    Lack of redstone wiring in Unleashed

    Actually, WRCBE is out for 1.5.x as well, if you look at ChickenBones's download page. ForgeMultiPart, however, is a much more elusive requirement mod.
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    The Best and Simple Mining Turtle Tutorial - Faster than Quarry!

    Remember that the main cost of a Quarry is in its 11 diamonds. 4 mining turtles would cost more diamonds than a Quarry.
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    What Mods do YOU Manually Add to the New Packs?

    I make my own mod pack, my friend. Any mods I add are already part of the pack. ... Myself, I'd exchange BoP with EBXL (My computer can't really handle BoP well) and add a bunch of Immibis Mods (whose mods won't be in any new packs, sadly) like Advanced Repulsion Systems and Dimensional...
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    Getting ahead of the competition

    Make a Mining Turtle as quickly as possible. I use it early-game to branch mine like crazy.
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    Lack of redstone wiring in Unleashed

    MineFactory Reloaded provides RedNet Cabling. It acts a bit like RP2 Bundled Cable, and is very useful and versatile.
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    What is/were the reason's people don't like xycraft?

    I did a graph thing, based on Immibis findings. It's very interesting to see how tanks actually hold up with very large room sizes.
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    1.7.x Packs Yet!? [Mindcrack/DW20/Ultimate/Lite/Horizons/Monster/Unleashed/Unhinged/Tech/Magic/etc]

    Hey. I know it might be a tad redundant, but I just wanted to share the spreadsheet I'm using personally for my modpack. I'm using it for development, so it should (should!) be up to date. It's here.
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    1.7.x Packs Yet!? [Mindcrack/DW20/Ultimate/Lite/Horizons/Monster/Unleashed/Unhinged/Tech/Magic/etc]

    MiscPeripherals has a dev build for 1.6 out. Look at RichardG's Twitter. So does EE3 (GitHub shows it all).
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    Power Comparison Spreadsheet

    MFR Biofuel Generators produce 16 MJ/t, consuming Biofuel.
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    Alternative treecapitator?

    Modular Powersuits has an addon for the Power Glove, the Axe, which does something similar. MachineMuse has said that it's going to be reworked soon, though.