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    [1.7.10] M.M.F Mod Pack - YouTube Let's Play and Mixture Themed Pack

    Why was Chromaticraft removed? A Dye Trees and Ender Forrest were incorporated into Chromaticraft. Just curious. Not a necessity. Looks like a nice pack, good work.
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    Direwolf20 1.7.10 released

    Exactly which version was it? Ive tried all the 2.0 RC and mine still doesnt fully load.
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    FTB Sponsorships

    This is great news for FTB and the launcher team, grats guys!! I look forward to seeing a continuance of your great work in the future. Cheers!!
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    New Mod Packs ***Released***

    I couldn't find this question yet anywhere in here. What is the maximum input speed for buildcraft quarry on the unleashed mod pack? FTBwiki has the speeds for it in some of the other packs but I havent been able to find that yet for this one.
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    Exist the Additionalpipes client/server for BC3?

    Im on board for the "Additional Buildcraft Objects" mod being included in the future for mindcrack packs. Hope someone important reads this :D
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    DW20 pack, builder issue

    cool, thanx for the info.
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    DW20 pack, builder issue

    Is there any chance an FTB mod can comment on the status of this? Would love to have a builder functioning and just wanna know if I should wait a week or so for this or suck it up and keep building. I have a 64x64x64 structure that is a beast to build.
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    Cant hit mobs

    Log doesn't go back that far for some reason . . . does it get overwritten everyday or something?
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    Cant hit mobs

    I have a FTB mindcrack server setup that my friends and I have been playing on for about a week now. All of a sudden today we are unable to hit any mobs but can still break blocks. I wasnt able to find another post about this so hopefully Im not repeating one. Any help is appreciated :D