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    Whitelist Server Blockcasa Private Minecraft Community | [Direwolf20 (v1.0.18)] | [Whitelisted] | [Mature 18+]

    IGN: meshocky Age: 20 Location: Sydney Australia Very keen to join this awesome community, sounds like a lot of fun. btw, really like mindcrack, and have skype
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    Whitelist Server Hoffcraft | FTB Monster | Small Community | Whitelist | 1.1.1 | Builders Wanted!

    Age: 18 IGN: meshocky Skype or TeamSpeak 3: TS prefferebly Country: Australia Timezone: GMT + 11 Minecraft Experience/Favourite Mods: Over 2 - 3 years FTB since mid last year, Most packs which include lots of mod. Computer Craft is probably my favourite at the moment, as im into programming...
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    Whitelist Server Small Community Server|Australian Host|Direwolf20 1.6.4 v1.0.7|Whitelist|Teamspeak Essential|Mature

    Name: Ben IGN: meshocky Age 18 Country Australia Hours: 2-3 each day, probably more Uni: Uni Info: Like to build functional and aesthetic builds, enjoy working in communities, play nicely with others and keen to join an Australian server
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    Whitelist Server Direwolf20 1.5v2 (1.1.3)|Australian|Whitelist|Mature24+|PvE|

    Hey, Im Ben from sydney, Im 25 next month, my IGN is: meshocky. I enjoy building both in a community and a personally, I respect all the rules. Thanks for your time. Ben
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    Whitelist Server The Bears Domain | FTB Unleashed | Whitelist | 20 SLot | Mature 16+

    IGN: meshocky Age (Take in mind we are looking for 16+): 18 Location: Sydney Experience with the mods in the pack: Very in-depth experience, been playing for about 3/4 of a year. Used all mods to some degree at least once. What can you contribute to our server?: I'm a decent builder, can code...
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    Whitelist Server [Mindcrack v8][whitelist][pvp optional][18+] brand new! dedicated server host!

    IGN: meshocky Age: 18 Location: Sydney Able to follow all rules? Any Issues with them? No issues at all. Keen to follow and join in with pranks Experience with FTB: since November last year Do you watch any Mindcrack videos? If so who? The majority of them. E.g. Guude. Beef. BDubs. Generik...
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    Whitelist Server Zayter's Mindcrack[Whitelist][4 free slots atm][small server][No Gregtech]

    Minecraft Name: Meshocky Country: Australia How long have you been playing: 2 years vanilla FTB november 2012 How often do you think you will play and when GMT (hours a day): 1-2 Favorite mod: Computer Craft Age: 18 Youtube channel: Keen to...
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    Whitelist Server Gamer's FTB Server [Few Slots] [Friendly]

    IGN: meshocky Age: 18 Experience with mods/FTB?: Been playing since november last year. love computer craft Is your English acceptable and easy to understand? Born and raised with the english language Do you accept our rules?: yes