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    1.0.2: Lag spikes and fake rain.

    Version: 1.0.2 What is the bug: I'm not entirely sure where to post this, sorry. Every ~10 seconds in my Thaumcraft (4.2.2) essentia lab on my LAN server, I receive a lag spike that lasts about one second, sometimes two. My FPS drops from around 50 to 5. It seems to be only in rooms that...
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    1.7.10 FTB Pack News

    So, I know that this will break a definite rule and probably annoy some people, but... I needed to ask for an update on release times *please, don't hit me* To clarify, I'm aware of the amount of effort that Jadedcat, Eyamaz and other modpack developers put into their work, and I also know that...