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    Crash on startup with FTB Ultimate Reloaded

    ive tried disabling some mods to no help and it aways crashes in the same spot as it gets to 4/7 crash. This is for my partner so i dont always have access to her pc if anyone can help please -edit we can load other packs on the ftb luncher
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    powered light spawning blocks

    Title powered light spawning blocks Launcher Type Curse App Modpack crackpack Modpack version 1.10 Have you modified the pack? Yes immersive Integration, Archimedes' ships Details of the issue when i leave my base or reconnect to my server i have fluix stairs AE2 and a missing texture...
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    disconnect after a certain amount of time

    Title: disconnect after a certain amount of time Launcher Version: 1.4.3 Modpack: infinity Modpack Version: 1.6.2 Log Link: Details of the issue: ather a certain amount of time if i go into my inventory i get "Internal Exception: established...
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    is there a way?

    i knew what he meant but i was hope for a different way other then that but with that said i have done what Cel said to and now i need to copy something bigger the 64x64 witch is bc limits so im kinda out of ideas that doesn't involve cheats in my survival server. so with that im think im going...
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    is there a way?

    yer i know where there saved and i tried renaming a .schematic to Bulidcrafts .bpt and it came up in the blueprint library but the builder thinks it blank. im trying that now but im hoping theirs a easier way thanks Celestialphoenix
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    MFR Auto-Spawner exact spawning trouble

    so mfr spawners wont use power if it doesn't have mob essence and vice versa so i don't know what could be up but here's a tip if you take the mfr spawner to the neather and set it up there on normal spawn it should spawn wither skeletons even if you only have normal skeletons in the net (it...
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    is there a way?

    so im wondering is there a way to use a schematic from mcedit in Bulidcraft using the blueprint library and builder ? if not the who thinks it would be a good idea for the BC team to add support for this (if they haven't already)
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    Solved Repairing server and map

    thanks ill keep an eye out for that as well if crashes continue
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    Solved Repairing server and map

    Fround fix i was missing a few brocken chunks Make sure to check all dimensions if this happens to you and only casue you can load the server and play on it dosnt mean all bad chunks has been removed
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    Solved Repairing server and map

    so my server host did some system maintenance and it corrupted my map and i seam to of fixed part of the problem with the map as there where 2 chunks that could not load. when viewing in mc edit the first was (had no modded block in the chunk but there was a mfr tree farm running jungle trees...
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    Whitelist Server Deltro-NR | Grief Prevention | No Banned Items | TeamSpeak | Whitelist | NOW UNLEASHED

    IGN: mewth16 Age: 18 How long have I played FTB: 8 mouths What is my best Attribute: Technical and Creativity Have I ever been bannd: no and its staying that way Do you accept the rules of the server and any updates that are made to them: yes of couse