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  1. BlazeXI

    Request We are looking for a Lets Player to show off our Work/Modpack :)

    Hey guys me and my Team are looking for a Youtuber/Streamer who wants to support our massive Modpack Plexo 95, its no secret that the download rate of a modpack is decided by YouTubers so yea we invested over 2 years in Plexo 95 and Configured over 150 Mods for the most amazing and gameplay...
  2. BlazeXI

    Plexo 95 | Modpack 【+1.8K Downloads】【Skyblock】【1.12.2】

    Plexo 95 Offers a Massive Custom Skyblock World That Combines SKYFACTORY With TEKXIT Checkout the Trailer of Plexo 95 Key Features: Own Storyline with Rewards (FTB Quest Mod) 100+ Skyblock Isles with unique Design and handplaced Loot, Bosses (own loottable) & Traders. Thirst Bar Current...