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    Casual Server Looking for Skype friends to do FTB server [any pack]

    Hey, this is exactly the type of thing that I have been looking for. As I am getting parts in for a custom build, if think I may start an actual YouTube lets play. My skype is Ronnicpoison. I hope be see how this works out.
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    Why no new launcher.

    The new guy is totally ChickenBones isn't it Also, i was wondering about launcher for quite a while now, I'm extremely glad you gave us an update on the project, as well as a reply to all those who just yell and scream, "Why isn't it done already!!!!"
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    More news about FTB's Future. (Important announcement)

    I think advertising on the website is a great idea, so long as the advertisements do not distract from the website contents, or pop-ups, advertising is a relatively painless free way to make revenue off a website with high traffic, like you have.
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    Aura and You: All About Thaumcraft 3 Aura Mechanics

    Yes i did the same thing and thought it was a bug until i read this, so vis is naturally generated by infused stone, the vis ore, and obviously a void age has none of that. Irecommend what the article here wisely does as well, find a small purenode to act as your surrogate workshop and make...
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    Whitelist Server CommunityCraft [16+] [Friendly] [BRANDNEW]

    That would be because the server is no longer active, and as such no whitelist applications are being responded to, THIS is why you should read all posts before submitting an application, i tried to warn you.
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    Casual Server Minecrumb | Small Australian 1.5.1 Server with Mods Similar to Mindcrack | Looking for new players

    IGN:Mysticpoisen Age: 19 Location: USA Any bans/why: I have not nor do i plan to be banned from any server, be it minecraft or FTB Knowledge of mods: I consider myself to have a pretty broad knowledge of almost all mods in default Ultimate pack, the main exception being bees, I do pick up new...
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    Casual Server Starting new server 1.5.2, need 1-2 ppl to play with

    IGN: Mysticpoisen I am 19, however i do live in America, hopefully the time difference isn't all that bad for us, it's summer so i am up to all hours of the night in any case,
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    Whitelist Server CommunityCraft [16+] [Friendly] [BRANDNEW]

    Well clearly nobody reads all posts before making an application
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    Hey there, i found a server that i like, not quite a close knit community but the people are...

    Hey there, i found a server that i like, not quite a close knit community but the people are very friendly, here check it out =.
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    Whitelist Server The Beast Unleashed [TPPI 0.3.0 | MyTown | Dedicated Server | Dynmap | Greylist | Friendly]

    1) Minecraft username: Mysticpoisen 2) Why do you want to play on our server? (One paragraph) I have been looking for a good server for quite a long time, i have been accepted into more than a couple, but never really found a good server that i can stay and enjoy, this one could possibly be the...
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    Whitelist Server CommunityCraft [16+] [Friendly] [BRANDNEW]

    Hello everybody, i keep getting notifications for this thread, there is a reason it has been inactive for a while, the server was only really up for a few weeks, while it was amazing, unfortunately, i have to pop your bubbles, the server is down, Cole has stopped the server and it is now down...
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    Whitelist Server M's FTB V2.0 [FTB ULTIMATE] [Hard] [Whitelisted] [18+]

    IGN: Mysticpoisen Age (18+): 19 Location: East USA Do you agree to the rules? Yes as well as support them, Experience with mods (Do you have a favorite mod?) : Hard to explain really my experience with mods, I know what i am doing for most thing that i attempt, as for a favorite, I am in love...
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    Whitelist Server CommunityCraft [16+] [Friendly] [BRANDNEW]

    1) Minecraft username: That would be Mysticpoisen 2) Why do you want to play on our server: Well i have been looking for quite some time for a close knit community FTB server, which is exactly what you seem to be looking for here. 3) What can you contribute to our server: Well i am pretty...
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    Whitelist Server Cloverfield EU | FTB Mindcrack v8.0.1 | Whitelist | Mature 18+ | Low slots

    Hello again, i do not mean to sound impatient but, i made a post just above little less then 2 weeks ago. If you had denied it then no hard feelings, but i did not see a post of you accepting or denying, i just want to play with a close community. And as of yet, i have not managed to find a...
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    Whitelist Server Cloverfield EU | FTB Mindcrack v8.0.1 | Whitelist | Mature 18+ | Low slots

    Hey, i am in love with FTB myself, i find it pretty hard to force myself to play vanilla sometimes. I enjoy a community and will try my hardest to be there whenever there will be an event. I totally agree about keeping the landscape intact, i always have my turtles a dozen layers underground...
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    MysticCraft MindCrack 1.4.6 Whitelisted

    Hello Everybody, I am incredibly dissapointed to announce that my PC can not handle hosting the server at the level ii would like it to, so hence forth i am closing the server :(
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    MysticCraft MindCrack 1.4.6 Whitelisted

    Hello all, I have decided to not set the server to offline, so I am very sorry to the people with a non-premium account, We are still looking for someone with some ComputerCraft expertise, again sorry Ben.
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    MysticCraft MindCrack 1.4.6 Whitelisted

    Congratulations to Smucraft and Theweefire you have been accepted into Mysticcraft, all the information has been sent to you via skype!
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    MysticCraft MindCrack 1.4.6 Whitelisted

    Hey all this is Mysticpoisen, i don't claim this to be a large server, it is hamachi unfortunately. All I ask if for a couple of cool guys, or girls, to join a little close knit group and offer whatever they can. That being said, now for the required material! The ip is, but...