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  1. Bahnmor

    Advice on using NuclearCraft

    Managed to find it. A line buried way down the config file for the server. Disabled the radiation effect in the world, so I can still keep the mod.
  2. Bahnmor

    Advice on using NuclearCraft

    I had a look through the configs first. I didn’t see anything about disabling the radiation, short of setting every ore, process and operation to zero rads. There is an option in the mod options interface through the Minecraft client itself, but I don’t know if that would affect the server. I...
  3. Bahnmor

    Advice on using NuclearCraft

    I’m not looking for full tech support or anything like that. Just need to be pointed in the right direction. I have a small Revelations server that I added NuclearCraft to. While I am enjoying the radiation mechanic, it isn’t to the point where I’d miss it. A couple of my players are...
  4. Bahnmor

    FTB Beyond Release

    Unless the stars are right, or the proper villager sacrifices have been made.
  5. Bahnmor

    FTB Beyond Release

    I had a similar problem a month or two back. If you're using an Nvidia graphics card there is a driver version that doesn't seem to play nice. I had to roll back at the time. If you're using the most recent then you may need to do the same, if not try updating the graphics driver.
  6. Bahnmor

    FTB Beyond Release

    Out of curiosity, has anyone successfully added Mekanism to the pack? If so what changes to the config would people recommend? Not used that mod in a while and wanted to put it alongside the rest so I can indulge the nostalgia. Plus, It gives me a reason to construct another new compound.
  7. Bahnmor

    [1.7.10] Pathfinder [Peaceful][HQM][Tech][Adventure][Listed]

    Yup. That worked. Thanks very much.
  8. Bahnmor

    [1.7.10] Pathfinder [Peaceful][HQM][Tech][Adventure][Listed]

    Same issue here. Entering the pack code as either "Pathfinder" or "pathfinder" comes up as an invalid code. I even checked over my third party tab just in case, no dice.
  9. Bahnmor

    [LISTED][1.7.10]BlastOff! [Hardcore/EasyCore, HQM][170++Quests] version 1.3.3STABLE

    Might that be the air quality thing from enviromine? I haven't gone that deep yet myself, but I remember reading up on that.
  10. Bahnmor

    [1.7.10] Wanderlust Reloaded - Questing Adventure [Magic-Tech] [HQM - over 250 Quests] [Tabula Rasa]

    Correct. Waila on a server allows players to see tank contents, power levels, data along those lines (unless there has been a change in the last couple of versions).
  11. Bahnmor

    [1.7.10] Wanderlust Reloaded - Questing Adventure [Magic-Tech] [HQM - over 250 Quests] [Tabula Rasa]

    Mostly inspired by a nostalgia surge whilst dabbling with IndustrialCraft, I have no idea if it is updated to current pack levels: any chance of adding Advanced Solars to the optional list? I always felt it added more than Compact Solars, and was readily customisable through the configs.
  12. Bahnmor

    [1.7.10] KoretexKomplete - V1.4.0 - 211 mods! [Stable] True Flagship modpack experience

    I don't know if it was intended or not, but I'm seeing multiple mod versions of copper and aluminium in version 1.01 after just a short time mining. I haven't played enough yet to see if any other ores are affected, and I do apologise if it is something that is necessary or has been changed in 1.02
  13. Bahnmor

    Logistic Pipes Help Needed

    You could try a terminus module configured for just cobble to feed the assemblers. It rates above a pipe set to default, but not as high as a configured item sink or a polymorphic. So any cobble with no place to go will head that way, but the rest of your items will go to the original default...
  14. Bahnmor

    How long do you caveman?

    I'm finding that I compromise and do a similar thing to how I play Dwarf Fortress. I live in a nomadic fashion for the first few days, sleeping in hastily dug nooks, until I find a mountain or large hill bordering on a relatively flat biome with an ocean, river and desert in easy distance. Next...
  15. Bahnmor

    What would you like to see in a Magic Mod?

    When I read the first post it made me think of the Dresden Files. An interesting mechanic that could be taken from that is the concept of being able to wield magical power with little equipment or preparation, but the result is horrendously inefficient, inaccurate and has very little power...
  16. Bahnmor

    Mekanism Power requirements

    You're using Mekanism anyway, why not switch power gen over to the hydrogen generators? They produce a decent amount of power, though each one needs its own electrolytic separator to supply the gas. I think I have a bank of six running off a single aqueous accumulator.
  17. Bahnmor

    gregtech unification keeps changing itself

    Short of disabling all gregtech unifications I couldn't find a way myself. I found it easier to just deal with having a few multiples of items that needed processing into whichever other type I had chosen to use.
  18. Bahnmor

    Your number ONE favorite way to play minecraft ???

    Number one favourite way? Right now, in full throes of addiction, I'd have to say: Constantly
  19. Bahnmor

    How do I aesthetics?

    I can't remember if it's in any of the ftb packs, but you could try using the Enhanced Portals mod to link to a mystcraft age. The advantage is that the portal blocks from this can be configured to mimic blocks near them, so no bright blue crystal blocks. You can also customise the portal itself...
  20. Bahnmor

    New/Unheard of mods you like

    It's been around for a few iterations now, but is currently at alpha stage for 1.6.4, the Clay Soldiers mod. Anyone who has played and enjoyed the games Darwinia or Multiwinia who haven't already seen it may want to have a look. Another use for clay once you have built your coke ovens, you can...