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    Whitelist Server Pokecraft Infinity|Infinity 1.1.0|Whitelist|New community

    IGN (minecraft username): Pianoman348 Skype (optional): N/A Age: 17 Where do you live? (Country/State): USA/Rhode Island Current date and time: 2/7/15 19:54 How long have you been playing mods?: As long as I have played minecraft Why do you want to play on the server?: I wish to play on the...
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    Tech-Galore|FTB Beta Pack A 1.4.2|Whitelist

    IGN: Pianoman349 Age:16 What mod do you have most experience with: ic2/gregtech Why should you be allowed to join the server:because i love playing the game and i will play everyday if i enjoy the server In your opinion, what is the most important rule from above: i believe that not griefing is...
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    [FTB's Magic World][Whitelist][24/7] Humble beginnings

    IGN: Pianoman349 Age: 16 Reason why i would like to join: I am trying to find a great magic world server to play and have fun on, i still need to learn thaumcraft and this seems like a good server to try on.
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    TetraVerse - A FTB Adventure

    Age:16 Previous Bans/Infractions: yes, but the owners were being unfair and not listening to anything i was saying, and i was blamed for things i was not doing because of a coincidence. What do you feel you can offer to the Server?i feel like i can help other people learn mods, when i get up to...
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    Luincraft|FTB-Latest|Open|Mild PVP|BETA

    ig: pianoman349 no destroying blocks placed by players and no raiding if you have to break the block, excepting storage blocks
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    Mcraftworlds FTB / 20+ Mature / Beta Server - Whitelist

    In Game Name: pianoman349 AGE: 18 Why you are applying: love playing with other people and i think your server sounds fun. read some of the comments and thought the the server was a little blue and needed a cheery player :).
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    servers up
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    mcWiredcraft [1.4.2] Whitelist

    really? did you even check the /spawn? dev, if your reading this, i would still like to play on your server., but ask questions BEFORE banning.
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    mcWiredcraft [1.4.2] Whitelist

    well, sir your shack is not that far from /spawn check that, not 0,0 check fucking mate
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    mcWiredcraft [1.4.2] Whitelist

    okay jesus, you guys are stupid. first 3 minutes. walked to your shack. set home. went to spawn. walked other way. did /home. did /spawn. got banned. fucking retards...
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    mcWiredcraft [1.4.2] Whitelist

    dafuq? it's called doing /home and /spawnand why is that an instaban?
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    whens it going to be up again?
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    mcWiredcraft [1.4.2] Whitelist

    did you whitelist pianoman348, or 349? this is a shared account for me and my brother
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    Anything Goes/1.4.2/Whitelist

    1.Minecraft name Pianoman349 2.Be a generally chill person Totally 3.Skype Y or N (Not required but i like talking to people) Yup 4.Just some general info about yourself Im 15, love to play any type of modded minecraft, but not really regular. i play usually 3 hours a day and just want to have fun
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    Food For Tools|1.4.2|White List|New Server

    IGN: Pianoman349 Age: 15 (Almost 16) Why you want to join: i just want to play on a friendly, good-time server Anything else: i love working either by myself, or in a group and love helping other people after ive finished what i was doing.
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    TripleNation |FTB 1.0.1 pack A|White list|

    IGN: Pianoman349 Age: 15, but my birthday is less than a month, so please? Agree to the rules: Of course Info: I've played tekkit for quite a while, and i have loved minecraft since maybe the nether update. I usually play for 3- 4 hours continuously and i just love FTB.
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    mcWiredcraft [1.4.2] Whitelist

    IGN: pianoman349 AGE: 15 Did you even more: Y
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    im filing a complaint against redforest. when i went into his and zaxarams' house to give zax a gift, he came up to me and killed me with lava. i lost all my stuff.