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    Whitelist Server Infinity Casual Server | Youtube Recording| Teamspeak| PVE

    MC name: WatcherShadows Age: 36 What is your modded MC experience: Years and years years and years. What makes you want to join us: The power of Christ compels me! Why should I pick you and not some hobo off the street: My army of evil ninja Spider Monkeys will find you if you don't. Do you have...
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    Important Announcement

    LoL! Rick roll'd us.
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    Cubic Chunks! Cubic Chunks!

    Wasn't ad hom. I said the post, not the person. No. It highlights a partial implementation in which all the bugs were not worked out by one person.
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    Cubic Chunks! Cubic Chunks!

    Not really. It highlights the possibilities of the idea. Now the above comment. Well...
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    Cubic Chunks! Cubic Chunks!

    More videos.
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    Auto-crafting tiny piles of dust

    Yea. You just set it up like any other crafting recipe. Then you can set the interface on your furnace to craft then smelt.
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    Cubic Chunks! Cubic Chunks!

    I am curious. How is the proof of concept coming?
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    Cubic Chunks! Cubic Chunks!

    That's kind of the idea.
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    Cubic Chunks! Cubic Chunks!

    I'm having the same problem. You are soo not alone. :D
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    Cubic Chunks! Cubic Chunks!

    I think you pretty much have the gist of it. :D Well, how chuckloaders actually work would be up to the modders. Much better put that I. :)
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    Cubic Chunks! Cubic Chunks!

    I would personally prefer it to load chunks in, more or less, a "bubble" around the chunk-loader. Which a player could set. I like the possibility of going fully infinite. But really infinite is of no great use to me. But would LOVE deeper worlds and higher mountains. Well put sir.
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    Metallurgy Discussion

    No. The real question is, what would I ever do without you here to clarify that? :rolleyes: There is a generally accepted middleground such words conjure. When, well, you know. ;)
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    Star Citizen

    Probably should be.
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    Self-aware ME network...possible?

    Hm interesting idea...........
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    Cubic Chunks! Cubic Chunks!

    I would not have been so abrasive had I not been put on the defensive. I didn't ask for a critique of my person, posting style, or condescension and was offering it up as a referal. And get henpecked and condescended to by people who are not actually reading the argument for it. It is what it...