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  1. K

    Looking for someone to play Ftb with

    Hello! Im looking for someone to play Ftb With, That might be able to host a server. Im 15 years old live in sweden, Time zone- GMT+1. Im able to talk through Skype and ts. Send me a PM IF u are intrested:)
  2. K

    Whitelist Server Looking for online friends to play MC with? Come here! (DW20 1.7.10 1.0.3)

    [1]-{ kavin1337} [2]-{Kevin } [3]-{15} [4]-{I like almost all the mods :D.} [5]-{blue} [6]-{2 years } [7]-{I want a small nice direwolf server to play on and have fun with other people and meet new friends. I'm a fun person to play and talk with and love to help other people. } [8]-added u, I'm...
  3. K

    Hey Guys! Need a couple people!

    Im in! Sendinng my skype in PM
  4. K

    Need help to find a ModPack

    I would say direwolf 20 1.7
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    Ftb friend

    Hey! im looking for someone to play ftb with. I am 14 years old turning 15 in february Im from sweden, Time zone GMT+1 Played ftb for about 2,5 years. Pls PM me if u are intrested. I got skype and Teamspeak
  6. K

    Ftb tppi server

    Hey! I'm looking for a small tppi server with no banned items and no plugins, want hole survival. My name is Kevin I'm from Sweden my time zone is GMT+1. I have played ftb for about 2,5 years. I'm a pretty good builder. Pls PM If u have or playing on a tppi server:)
  7. K

    Whitelist Server ZexCraftEU [TPPI 1.1.2+ Galacticraft] [24/7] [Friendly] [Mature] [EU hosted] [Small]

    IGN: kavin1337 Age: 14 almost 15 How often do you play? Almost everyday. 1-8 h now whgen its christmas and 1-3 when its school. Tell us about yourself: i have been playing ftb for about 2.5 years. Im from sweden. Im a pretty good builder. Also i play other games as CSGO asnd ARMA3
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    Whitelist Server Erebus: TPPI [Towny] [Test Pack Please Ignore Modpack] [Great Community] [Whitelist]

    Minecraft username: kavin1337 How you found out about this server? Was looking on feed the beast servers on ftb forum. Why u want to be on the server? Because I want a pretty small ftb tppi server. And to be able to get far on an have fun. What are u planning to doing on the server? Make a...
  9. K

    Looking for a ftb friend

    Hello! I am looking for someone to play ftb with. Iam 14 years old will turn 15 in february Iam from sweden and the time zone GMT+1 I played ftb for about 2,5 years Please send a PM if u wanna play:)
  10. K

    FTB Resurrection is out now. Hype!

    Hey! would love to join! IGN: kavin1337 PM me if u want my skype
  11. K

    Hello i wnat to start a DW20 server with 5 skandinavian people

    ING: kavin1337 Reallifename: Kevin AGE: 14 Skype: kevin.ljungqvist1 FTB EXP: Played it for about 2,5 years so know pretty much of it. I am from sweden, GMT+1
  12. K

    Private Pack NoodlePowered Network | Custom modpack | Great community | Teamspeak | Skype

    IGN: (Minecraft username): Age: 14 years old Will be 15 in february Timezone:Sweden GMT+1 How will you benefit our community? Be a Nice and fun player to play/ talk With. Like to help other people if they need any help. About yourself: I'm a guy from Sweden, that like to play ftb. Played it for...
  13. K

    How do you power a filler now with TE conduits gone?

    U can use the conduits from Ender io:)
  14. K

    Looking for a partner!!

    Hey! Me and a Guy from us are playing The direwolf, u wanna join maby? Add me on skype: Kevin.ljungqvist1
  15. K

    Looking for a small tppi server!

    hello, My name is Kevin. I am looking for a small tppi server Around 1-8 players. I am 14 years old but mature. I live in sweden but can talk pretty good english. My time zone is GMT+1. I am able to talk thought skype and ts.I have played ftb for about 2 years, and i really enjoying it. And now...
  16. K

    Anyone to play FTB with

    Hey! I would like to play! Skype: Kevin.ljungqvist1
  17. K

    Ftb tppi server

    Hello! Me and My friend are looking for a small Ftb tppi server! Somone got a small private 1? Pls send me a PM. I am 14 and hes 16. I Have played Ftb for 2 years and he Have played pretty much to
  18. K

    A Modded Minecraft Partner

    I am 14 live in sweden GMT+1 add me on skype kevin.ljungqvist1